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 Helps gain a healthy posture while providing comfortable support to the Lumbar region to alleviate pain. Promotes slimming and beautiful shaping of saggy muscles in the abdominal

Helps with post-partum prolapses

This Waist-Slimming control panty is made of a graduated mesh fabricated from industry grade Acrylic. This provides you a resilient shaping without ever squishing your delicates inside.


  • Instantly hide belly fat 
  • Belly fat are distributed evenly 
  • Do not roll down while sitting.
  • Do not cause tight abdominal pain.
  • Do not cause sweat from wearing it daily.
  • Creates beautiful curves 
  • Very comfortable
  • High Waist: 14CM, Material: Nylon, Cotton, Spandex
  • You can get these Body Shaper Panties, but only for a limited time.