teddy bear 35 cm artificial foam rose bear Wedding anniversary valentine's day birthday gift wedding gift flower

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching ..

The Valentine's Day bear in artificial roses is handmade, it is the ideal and most viral gift of 2019


The best gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings or any other occasions that deserve such a unique and precious gift.


Our bears in roses is the ideal gift idea and the symbol of sophistication and timeless love.


Our craftsmen are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and ensure that these cubs are handcrafted with quality materials.


Give to the being that you love a gift made of roses that will last forever!


A beautiful and cute decorative teddy bear composed of sweet synthetic roses with romantic colors.

The perfect gift that will look great in the home or office of your loved one.


Made with roses, these custom-made bears last a lifetime without any care!


Watch as your loved ones glow with joy as they receive their own handmade teddy bear.




How long do the flowers last?

Forever. The flowers are made of moss and do not fade or lose their shape.


How is it done?

Using a polystyrene mold of a bear, each foam rose is hand-made and glued one by one by hand for a homogeneous and harmonious look