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Suitable skin type

Suitable skin type:Suitable for freckles skin or dark skin tone Skin with acne marks Effect: Nourishing and repairing freckle skin; Fade freckles; Whitening skin

Features:Immediately moisturizes minimizing the appearance of fine lines with visible results possible as soon as the first application.Improve dull skin, brighten skin tone and shrink pores, gently moisturises your skin while leaving it beautifully soft, leaving skin delicate and firm.Lightweight gel formulation glides on smoothly for an instant cool and refreshing feel. acne scar removal,and repair damaged skin. An WHITENING essence suit for all skin types. Specification:Capacity:30ml Ingredient: hyaluronateProduce date: near date.Expire date: 2-3years later

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3 simple steps Whitening and removing freckles by 3 simple steps 1.Fading Fading freckles, hydrating and whitening Freckles begin to be faded and the base skin tone becomes even. Skin glossiness increases and delicacy appears 2.Decrease Freckles begin to decrease gradually and the skin appears to be whiter Freckles clearly are faded. The dark skin tone is evened out. The skin is significantly brightened and begins to appear white. 3.Fading freckles Freckles fades and the skin shows illuminated. Various freckles disappear with moisturized and smooth skin. The skin appears white and delicate.