Why wear a Lace Body?

We are often disappointed by articles with the title "Why ____ is the BEST! " or "The best thing ever for everyone". We don't think things are so black and white. Even if we like something, there are usually also things we don't particularly like. And in most cases, we deal with it because the pros outweigh the cons. Or, as we would say, the cons outweigh the cons. The same is true for almost everything in life, including bodysuits.

Take a look below, make your own informed decision and decide if, after weighing the pros and cons, the bodysuit makes you say hooray! Because at the end of the day, it's all about saying hooray inside, outside and under.

Why wear a lace bodysuit?

A bodysuit is a piece of clothing similar to a leotard or a one-piece swimsuit. It covers your torso and hips and often connects with hooks and eyes or small snaps at the crotch. This allows you to open the bottom to go to the bathroom without having to remove the entire garment, or pull it over your head and then fasten it underneath.

Butt coverage: Bodysuits can have many different types of butt coverage. The bodysuit of your choice can have a thong, bikini, Brazilian, or any other back in the panty area. It's rare to see a bodysuit with boyhorts attached, but they do exist! They can also be cut high on the thigh or low.
Material: Bodysuits can be made of almost any clothing material. From soft t-shirt to lace. They can be sheer or opaque, with a plunging or high neckline, open in the back or with lace, long sleeves or sleeveless. Bodysuits are often made of a stretchy, form-fitting or body-hugging material. They are usually made of the same material throughout the garment. Sometimes the top is made of a different material than the bottom! This is especially the case if the top is more fluid or if it is a button-down shirt, which is then attached to a stretchy panty.
Lingerie and daywear: Bodysuits can be worn during the day and at night! Some bodysuits are more suitable for daytime because of their material or style, while others are more sexy and fun for a night out, or even to be worn as lingerie. A lingerie bodysuit can also be called a teddy. Personally, we think you can mix and match them however you like. We like to wear sheer or lace bodysuits as part of our outfit when we go out.
What is a quality lace bodysuit?

In general, the most practical reason to wear a bodysuit is to have a "tucked in" top without having to worry about it coming undone, the bodice fabric bulging or shifting. For both practical and fashion reasons, it stays tucked in and offers a seamless look. As mentioned above, the bodysuit is also for personal pleasure and seduction.

Tucked into the body. The most obvious advantage of a bodysuit is what it was designed for: it stays tucked in! No need to worry about your blouse coming out and having to stick your hand up your skirt to keep it in place.
Seamless look. Because they stay tucked in AND fasten underneath, they can stay smooth. Even if your tight tank top stays tucked into your pants, it can still move and bunch up. A bodysuit is more likely to stay smooth and snug.
Sexy. Maybe it's because they hug the shape of the body. Maybe it's because they can be sheer or low-cut. Or maybe it's just because they're sexy. There's something sexy about bodysuits. Give an outfit some glamour or save it for the bedroom. Either way, hooray!
One Piece. I've heard time and time again that a bodysuit is easy to wear because you can wear it like a blouse and underwear in one. This makes it easy for someone to "throw" something over it - a skirt, jeans or something else.
Coverage. Bodysuits are perfect for wearing under a sheer blouse or dress. They're form-fitting and stay out of the way, allowing the sheer layer on top to shine through without being too visible. Think of it as a brief for your torso!
Layering. Because they tend to be tight, they're perfect for layering! There's no bulky material to worry about. This is especially useful for