Why choose satin lingerie?

Like lace, satin is the queen of lingerie. Fine, delicate and soft, this material is known to sublimate the body of women.

The lightness of satin lingerie
Satin corresponds to a particular type of weaving invented nearly 2,000 years ago. Satin is not a fabric, but a weave. Also, you will find satin lingerie and clothing made from silk, nylon, polyester or even wool. Satin silk always has a smooth front and a matte back.

Women have been wearing satin lingerie and clothing since the 19th century. Long considered a luxury undergarment, satin fabric is now accessible to all women.

Satin has many advantages, with its floating drape it is versatile and gives a feeling of luxury and lightness very appreciable. Satin lingerie is extremely light, so it slips easily under thin or tight clothing.

What color for your satin lingerie?
Satin lingerie comes in many shades. Originally, satin lingerie is known for its sparkling or pastel colors. Also, do not hesitate to opt for colors like sky blue, powder pink or simply white. However, lingerie designers have revisited the satin lingerie that now comes in bolder shades like red and green.

You can of course opt for a midnight blue which thanks to the voluptuousness of satin will give you a very mysterious side! If you prefer to stay classic, trust black and white. The black satin will give a mysterious and daring side while the white will be as classic as sexy.

Satin lingerie can also be very tart: yellow, green, pink, purple. These are perfect colors for summer and you will love the lightness of satin when it is very hot!

How to care for satin lingerie?
Satin is a delicate material that needs to be maintained with care. To make sure your satin lingerie stays in good condition, we recommend hand washing it. To do this, lightly wet your underwear and gently soap it. Scrub the lingerie and rinse it with warm water. Avoid drying your satin lingerie with clothespins, instead dry it flat on a towel. Don't let your satin lingerie soak for too long, the fibers may soften and become damaged. Also, be gentle when spinning.

You can also wash your lingerie in the machine, making sure to select a delicate program at 30 degrees. To prevent the satin from getting damaged, put your underwear in a special net that will protect the fiber of the fabric during the spinning process. Avoid strong detergents and fabric softener, which can seep into the satin fibers and cause itchy skin.