Why choose latex lingerie?

Latex lingerie is the sexy lingerie par excellence, it knows perfectly how to emphasize the shapes of women and refers to an ultra seductive imagination. This material which makes effect second skin is more and more popular with the women. Movies like Catwoman, Underworld or Matrix have indeed contributed to democratize this material formerly reserved for the big fortunes followers of fetish parties!

But then, how and for what occasions to wear lingerie and clothing in latex?

In what situation to wear latex lingerie?
The essential event during which you can wear your most beautiful latex lingerie is of course a latex party! This natural material will give a very glamorous effect to your outfit and will bring you completely new sensations. Indeed, latex is known to stick to the body when in contact with sweat, giving the impression of wearing a second skin.

Generally black in color, latex lingerie obviously refers to the fetish world, which is why it is the ideal lingerie for your hottest parties! Depending on the model, you will find more or less sexy cuts that you can adapt to all situations: fetish, glamour, wetlook or soft bondage.

How to choose latex lingerie?
Choose your latex lingerie according to your desires and your morphology. Be aware that latex is a very form-fitting material that enhances the shape of the body.

For example, combine a thong or harness type of lingerie with latex clothing such as dresses, stockings, a babydoll, a skirt, a jumpsuit, shorts or pants.

Also, make sure you choose quality latex. It is a fragile material that can tear if it is poorly made. To put on your lingerie easily and feel good, don't hesitate to invest in a bottle of talc!

If you want to slim down your shape, choose a flat belly lingerie like a latex girdle! Wasp waist effect guaranteed!

The different types of latex lingerie
Latex lingerie is very diversified. You will find very classic models such as panties and bras, but also more daring and sexy cuts such as harnesses or bodices.

Estella offers a wide range of latex lingerie to wear every day, in the evening or simply on a date. From garter belts to harnesses and chains, discover a collection as sexy as it is daring!

So, for your hot evenings, opt for a leather harness set to which you can add a latex waistband to highlight your hips.

Know that latex can also give a very seductive retro spirit, like our Philippine lingerie set.

To enhance your evening outfits, wetlook stockings are perfect! They will refine the line of your thighs in a very sensual way.