Which underwear for which type of woman?

Which underwear for which type of woman?

Desire for comfort, simple underwear
How to choose traditional underwear?
Unbeatable in the field of lingerie, cotton undergarments are still in use today. They are mainly known for their comfort, softness and delicate aspect. Wearing thin plain or patterned panties is pretty and cosy. At night, we advise you to prefer cotton babydolls, they minimize the risk of irritations and allergies and are much more comfortable.

Cotton underwear: for which woman?
If you have a generous bust, choose a bra with integrated whalebones. If you have a small bust, prefer a cup bra or a padded one! If you have beautiful, firm shapes, everything will fit you, especially triangles! Choose cotton underwear rather in pastel tones, for women-children, they will go perfectly with tanned, mixed or black skins.

Fashion underwear
How to choose trendy underwear?
Many of you are addicted to addictive underwear...but shhh it's a secret! How to choose your underwear to be at the top of the trend? Use warm colors: chocolate is very trendy this season, but also coffee, shimmering red and white again and again. You can also go for flashier and more sophisticated colors such as purple and electric blue. Let yourself be tempted by this season's flagship materials: cotton, silk, lace, but also muslin and tulle which is coming back.

Trendy underwear: for which woman?
Chocolate underwear will go very well with blond hair and light skins to be beautiful and refined. Red and black will bring a "devilish" touch to all. With white, you will become wise and romantic!
To banish urgently: if you have fair skin, avoid white or beige. The same goes for red and large breasts, which are vulgar!

Sexy underwear
Essential sexy underwear
Take advantage of a special occasion to get out the big game! Lace makes it happen! Stockings, garters, bustiers, thongs or thongs. Opt for sexy underwear in red and black tones to embody the chic femme fatale! Optimal seduction guaranteed