Which underwear for which type of woman?

Which underwear for which type of woman?

Desire for comfort, simple underwear
How to choose traditional underwear?
Unbeatable in the field of lingerie, cotton undergarments are still in use today. They are mainly known for their comfort, softness and delicate aspect. Wearing thin plain or patterned panties is pretty and cosy. At night, we advise you to prefer cotton babydolls, they minimize the risk of irritations and allergies and are much more comfortable.

The bodysuit is one of the strongest pieces of women's lingerie. It sublimates and underlines your curves, allows you to express all your sensuality and undeniably brings out your carnal side.

They come in all shapes, all materials, all colors, but the most important thing is that they are perfectly adapted to your silhouette.

And this choice leads to two ways of wearing a bodysuit: as underwear or ready-to-wear. That's the whole debate today between the two categories, because if you want to wear it as "underwear", you have to know how to accessorize it.

Ah the bodysuit, a complex and enigmatic piece....Good in the end, it's all well and good, but how does it really look and which one to choose?

Which body to choose?
Of course, they are so beautiful that it is very easy to fall for one of them. But a bodysuit is an integral part of you once on you, so it has to fit perfectly. You can choose bustier or strapless, depending on your bust and what you simply prefer, with plunging neckline for a sexy effect or covering if you want to put it on top. The different materials are also to be chosen according to your taste, depending on the degree of comfort you want to achieve.

When and how to wear a bodysuit?
-> For a one-to-one evening with your darling. Why not? You will be sure to please yourself and her! And yes girls, men love bodysuits: something to spice up your evening for sure!

-> To go to work. You just have to avoid the too seductive transparent lace. Married with a skirt or high waist pants, your silhouette will be zero flaws! It will also be ideal for those who want to play masculine/feminine with a pantsuit.

Just to go partying! We adopt it with high waist jeans and pumps for a chic and casual evening look?