Which lingerie to choose when you have an A morphology?

Which lingerie to choose when you have an A morphology?

Choosing your lingerie is often a real headache. We often imagine ourselves wider, thinner, squarer, more curved than we are. Being aware of your real morphology and learning how to enhance it is not a simple matter. It is indeed not easy to find lingerie adapted to one's morphology and comfortable to wear. How to choose the lingerie the most adapted to its morphology? Which underwear to wear when you have an A shape ? Which panties to choose ? Which bras ?  Find out if you have an A shape and, if so, how to choose your lingerie.

What does it mean to have an A or pyramid morphology?
The A morphology is the most common morphology in women, unlike the 8 or H morphology. Women with this type of silhouette are rather slender in the upper body and have pulpy thighs and buttocks: the opposite of the V-shaped morphology. They thus have hips and pelvis wider than the chest or shoulders.

Morphologie en A

This type of silhouette, sensual and very feminine, must be enhanced by suitable underwear. For that, we advise you to bring volume on the upper body to give an illusion of volume on the chest. How to do it ? Quite simply by playing on the necklines. Concerning the lower body, there is not really a rule; it is simply not recommended to avoid panties with patterns or horizontal stripes, as well as underwear with ruffles.

Morphology in A: which bra to choose?
You understood it: highlighting your cleavage is an unstoppable trick to sublimate your A-line silhouette when you have a small bust. Here are a few tips to achieve this by choosing the right underwear.

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