Which lingerie to choose for a glamorous effect?

Glamour is the bewitching charm that you can exert on your other half by wearing sensual, elegant and sophisticated underwear at the same time.

The glamorous lingerie proposed today by the designers can be as sexy as comfortable. It also adapts to all styles and all morphologies, it is also found in many soft and delicate materials.

Focus on a lingerie that will perfectly highlight your charming assets and that will give you total confidence!

The different forms of glamour lingerie
Glamour lingerie comes in many cuts, models and materials. However, one characteristic returns for each model: it perfectly highlights the body of women and brings a touch of subtle sensuality.

To be glamorous, choose lingerie made of noble materials such as lace, satin, tulle. The softest materials such as cotton and modal are also available in forms of glamorous lingerie full of charm and elegance.

Designers are now focusing on lighter bras that are less restrictive to the chest. The bra model that is currently the most popular is of course the triangle with or without underwire. Bras also perfectly combine comfort and sensuality thanks to their thinness and their small lace details. The basket bra remains however a great classic of glamorous and sexy lingerie, this must-have perfectly enhances the chest while offering you optimal comfort. Chosen in a beautiful material like lace, it will bring you a glamorous and sexy look that you and your half will love.

The glamorous lingerie can also be naughty and refined at the same time. We bet then on a bodysuit worked in noble textiles or a bustier to highlight the shapes of the body. Glamorous underwear is above all underwear that suggests and leaves a part of mystery. The glamour lingerie remains delicate while sublimating the forms of women, it is neither vulgar nor provocative.

The most beautiful colors of glamorous lingerie
There are no real rules of color to define glamorous lingerie. Everything is allowed as long as the underwear model enhances your sensuality. As with all styles of lingerie, there is one golden rule that should be respected: color matching. So opt for matching lingerie: the same color or two complementary colors for example.

If everything is allowed in terms of color, there are still essential shades of glamorous lingerie. Red for example is the color par excellence of seduction and glamour. Purple is also a color that combines glamour and mystery. White sends several messages: innocence and sensuality. Black lace is obviously a great classic of glamorous and sexy lingerie, it can also be associated with other colors such as red or pink.