Which lingerie for pregnant women to choose?

During the first months of pregnancy, you start to feel cramped in your bras and panties. Your body is changing, so it's time to adapt your lingerie to keep you feeling sexy and comfortable. During your pregnancy, your breasts may change from a C cup to an E or even a D cup, so it's important to choose maternity lingerie that's adapted to your changing body.

We explain how to choose your maternity lingerie to stay comfortable and beautiful for 9 months!

Lingerie shapes adapted to pregnant women
First of all, you should know that women's morphology varies greatly, so some women start wearing maternity lingerie much later than others. If your breasts change in the first few weeks, we recommend that you choose bras that are adapted to your new size.

Regular lingerie that marks your skin and a bra that you can't wait to take off at the end of the day are signs that you need to choose pregnancy-friendly lingerie.

Lingerie for pregnant women is of course adapted to the changes that your body will experience over the months. Pregnancy panties and bras are therefore made of elastic materials that accompany the changes in the body without marking the skin. At the end of pregnancy, you can also choose bras with more flexible underwires. The cut of panties for pregnant women varies according to taste: some women appreciate high-waisted panties that cover the belly. Choose soft, non-irritating materials like cotton.

If you want to breastfeed, don't hesitate to choose nursing bras that can accompany you throughout your pregnancy, but also after the birth.

Staying sexy while pregnant with lingerie
Even if your body is changing and you sometimes have trouble adjusting to these changes, choose maternity lingerie that you like in color and fit. 9 months in underwear you don't like is a long time!

There are many lingerie lines for pregnant women that will allow you to feel beautiful and sexy throughout this important stage of your life. You will find lace lingerie for pregnant women that are both very sensual and very comfortable.

To combine sensuality and comfort, opt for bodysuits adapted to your morphology. Some lingerie brands even offer lingerie sets with belts that will support your belly while enhancing it.

Nightwear can also help you feel sexy even when pregnant. Designers have come up with very sensual nightwear in which you will feel seductive throughout these 9 months of pregnancy. For an optimal support throughout the night, you will find night bras combining cotton and lace.