Which bra for a generous bust?

You want to treat yourself to a large bra but you don't know where to start with all the models available in stores or on the Internet. Several criteria will influence your choice; color, material, cup, large size bra with or without underwire... In order to help you make your decision, La Lingerie des Rondes wanted to answer this question:
Which bra is made for me?

Smaller cups don't necessarily need to ask themselves this kind of question. It doesn't matter... You are lucky enough to have generous curves and you need to show them off and forget about complexes. Whether you choose a large bra without underwire or with whalebones, you need to find a shape that is enveloping to best accommodate your chest. The fabric is quite encompassing in order to maintain your breasts well. A perfect support bra should allow you to walk, move and dance without fear of discomfort.

To measure your cup size, take a tape measure and place it under your chest. You will get a first measurement which will translate the back circumference, that is to say the number present on the labels; 90, 95, 100... Then, to know the circumference and thus, the cup, put the tape measure around your chest. With these elements, it will be easier for you to select the right size of bra and why not a large size bra without straps.

The support of the chest is an essential criterion in the wearing of this type of underwear. All the more so when our breasts start to "fall" because of their weight. Many of us have asked ourselves the question: what brand of bra for a good support? Or, which bra for sagging breasts? La Lingerie des Rondes offers a wide range of products to answer these questions. Indeed, the numerous products present in the catalog, were selected for the generous breasts, requiring an optimal support. This was made possible thanks to our several years of existence and numerous exchanges with customers in order to better understand their expectations. Over time and through a very demanding selection of products used, La Lingerie des Rondes has been able to offer a range of products that meet this essential need.

Well thought-out shape, guaranteed support, these are the promises kept concerning the models sold by La Lingerie des Rondes. It is now possible to find an inexpensive large size bra, which meets your needs and especially your desires. The selected materials are elegant and refined, and subtly highlight your forms. Be confident and sure of yourself!