Where to find trendy nude lingerie for fall-winter

Second skin allies of our outfits requiring discretion and subterfuge, the nude underwear extirpate the endless clichés that stigmatize them to embrace new stylistic codes in line with their time. Here is a demonstration.

Nude for all! When, in May 2015, the inclusive lingerie brand Naja launched one of its first campaigns coupled with this punchline, it posed as the standard of a necessary revolution: no, the so-called "nude" lingerie should not be limited to one and only type of skin tone.

By offering a line of underwear known to be invisible in 8 different shades, the American label intends to allow all women to wear lingerie that resembles them, against the current of an industry that has so far favored light skin tones. A revolution.

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Because it is useless to be yourself in search of a lingerie adapted to dark skins to notice that the brands, in the United States as in Europe, propose in great majority a nude lingerie not very diversified, oscillating between the sempiternal beige and the pearl pink.

"Nude lingerie has always existed: it started on pink tones and then, over the years, it evolved towards skin tones," comments Caroline Saillard, director of collections at Maison Lejaby, whose first invisible lingerie line was born in the 1990s.

"This trend of having invisible lingerie came from the United States with the air conditioner revolution. The modesty of American women and the management of cold were not yet mastered, which left the tips of the breasts showing... It was therefore necessary to develop foam bras, without seams, giving birth to what is now a wardrobe essential." she continues.

Invisible, following the silhouette while offering a second skin effect, nude lingerie is a rapid success and is worn mainly under light-colored clothes or made of light materials.

Evening dress, blouses or summer pieces: the opportunities to wear it rarely come up short. "It doesn't get in the way and disappears if need be!" adds Michela Biasotto, founder of the Momoni label, who now notes an increased attention to materials Today, women like soft fabric bases, which follow the shapes and do not "compress". And on these fabric bases, the nude effect now appears even more natural," she says. It remains to find it in its own skin color.

50 shades of nude
"The problem is that the lingerie industry remains quite conservative, homogeneous and difficult to renew," observed Cora Harrington, founder of the inclusive blog The Lingerie Addict in an article of the webzine Racked pointing out the slow mutation of this textile sector on this theme. This was without counting the audacity of some perceptive entrepreneurs who, frustrated by not finding the right shade for them, simply decided to create it themselves.

"I'm a black woman and from my own experience, I know I can't walk into a store and buy a nude bra. I thought it was time to change that," Ade Hassan Mbe, founder of the brand Nubian Skin and a pioneer in inclusive lingerie, told The Huffington Post.