What lingerie to wear under a white outfit?

This is an existential question that a lot of women ask themselves when wearing white on them. In order for the underwear not to be visible under a white dress, a white tee-shirt or a white tank top, certain criteria are to be favored; material, presence of seams, good bra size... Together, let's find the right solution!

If you wear a total white look, we can think to bet on a white bra and a white panty. And it will be a mistake! The contrast will be too pronounced with the color of the skin (unless you have a very white skin) and we will see strongly the underwear under the white outfit. Also, it will be difficult to find the same white as your outfit, so we forget about this idea.

The solution? A nude, natural plus size bra that is close to your skin color. It can be beige for a rather pale skin or halé for a dark skin, even downright brown for black skins. The reality is that the closer the plus size bra is to your skin color, the more invisible it will be. Crazy, but clever! In addition, we prefer a large bra with thin straps and without visible seams or stitching.


Another possible idea: wear a large size bra in red or light gray. The trend of flashy colors is in the spotlight so this will be an opportunity to wear a touch of color under your clothes. Red can appear invisible under a white garment: a dark red for example will be a perfect ally to accompany you during your evenings in white! As for the light gray, it can completely blend under your white clothes.

For women who want to reveal their small breasts and put them forward, we recommend a large underwired bra, without push-up effect, under a white shirt for example. For those who have a larger chest and morphology, we recommend opting for a large bra without underwire, more fluid.

Also, wearing lace can be a legitimate choice: it gives a little cachet to the outfit and brings a touch of bohemian trend.

For the stockings, it's the same thing. Prefer panties, thongs or thongs of skin color, or red or gray so that they do not show under your pants, shorts, skirt or dress of white color.