What lingerie to wear for your wedding?

This is the biggest day of your life, nothing not even your lingerie should spoil it! The choice of your underwear is therefore very important! The range of wedding lingerie is as vast as that of wedding dresses: push-up, lace, halter, strapless bra, bustier, you will be spoilt for choice and can easily adapt your lingerie to the cut of your dress.

We explain everything you need to know to choose your wedding lingerie.

What style of lingerie to wear under your wedding dress?
The lingerie you wear on your wedding day should not show any demarcation or straps, it should be as discreet as possible, but still ultra sexy for your wedding night!

It is therefore the cut of your wedding dress that will define the style and shape of your lingerie.

So, if you have chosen a strapless wedding dress, we advise you to choose a strapless bra and ask your seamstress to sew it directly on the strapless dress. Smaller breasts can also choose a bandeau bra for even more discretion.

If your dress is bareback, choose a cup bra. You can choose microfiber shells to be placed directly on the chest or shells sewn directly to the wedding dress. If the neckline of your dress is plunging, do not hesitate to adopt a push up bra for a sexy and elegant effect at the same time.

The tight wedding dresses require a totally invisible lingerie which will delicately underline your forms. The bustier is ideal to refine your belly and enhance your figure. Whether you choose a thong or a bustier, we recommend that you always choose wedding lingerie without visible seams.

How to choose the fabric of your bridal lingerie?
Don't forget that on your wedding day you will have to be the most beautiful while managing the guests, the meal, the providers and of course the dancing!

Your bridal lingerie must be sexy, but also comfortable. Also, choose undergarments that you like and don't try to stray from your habits. If you are not used to wearing lace, choose microfiber or satin and silk.

What color wedding lingerie should I choose?
If you've chosen a light-colored wedding dress, obviously banish dark lingerie! You can of course go for the great classic of wedding lingerie: white. It's a very romantic color that your husband will particularly appreciate during the wedding night! Know that the flesh color or nude remains the least visible. Wedding lingerie can be adapted to all skin tones so that your underwear is totally invisible under your wedding dress.