What lingerie to choose for the big day?

Before the big day, the dress, the bouquet and the shoes are the elements that you plan to the millimeter. However, it goes without saying that the choice of fine lingerie is just as important. It will allow you to dazzle your spouse, while pleasing yourself. This choice thus requires the taking into account of certain criteria.

One of the first criteria to consider when purchasing your lingerie is its color. You can choose a sexy large size lingerie in black or white. However, it must be said that these colors are too classic although being timeless and safe values. The ideal would be to opt for the flesh color.

Moreover, it will allow you to have as it should be an invisible and sexy set. Also, the flesh color has the advantage of being adequate, whatever your complexion. In addition, it is very discreet even worn under a fabric too thin. Of course, if you wear a strapless dress and have opulent forms, it is better to prefer a bra large size without straps.

Besides the color of your lingerie, its shape is important. You must choose it according to your dress. So, if you have a generous figure, in addition to a plunging neckline, it is wise to choose a large size bra with underwire. It will serve to maintain your chest, while enhancing it.

Don't forget the basic rule that your lingerie should be invisible. So make sure that its shape leaves a space between your two cups. This will prevent a piece of fabric from protruding from your cleavage. In case the chosen dress is form-fitting, you have the choice between three categories of lingerie that will emphasize your shapes and smooth your belly. We are talking about:

A large size body without straps;
A seamless plus size girdle;
A large size corset.

On the big day, you will be overwhelmed between your providers, your guests and your spouse. Your lingerie must therefore be comfortable enough, without letting you down in the middle of the ceremony. It is therefore necessary to choose bras that are well adjusted to your size. If you can't stand underwires, you might as well find a large bra without underwire for more comfort.

The goal is not to be overly sexy, but to be the most beautiful, so keeping it simple is the best thing to do. Forget the ribbons, the superfluous and cumbersome ornaments. However, a minimum of fantasy, as long as this aspect of your outfit is moderate and well arranged, would not be displeased.