What is lounge underwear?

Model wearing a set of lounge underwear

For women, the quest for lingerie that is both sexy and comfortable sometimes looks like an obstacle course. Yet ... these pieces do exist. Forget about garter belts, corsets and push-up bras: today, we're going to opt for comfortable, yet equally sexy, women's lingerie. Have you ever heard the word lounge used for interior design? It can also be associated with the field of lingerie. Are you confused? We tell you all about lounge underwear and the loungewear trend.
What does lounge mean?
Originally, the word lounge is an Anglicism defining a quiet style of music, based on vocal and instrumental samples. When it comes to lounge furniture, the word lounge evokes a comfortable, warm, yet designer decor. Lounge underwear is a little bit of all that. It is intimate, relaxing clothing to be worn indoors. Don't necessarily imagine thick pilou pajamas: comfortable, lounge underwear can be sexy and reveal your femininity.

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Lounge and sexy underwear
To be comfortable, but sexy, it is possible ! The subtlety of the lounge underwear lies in the choice of the material of the lingerie. We find for example lounge thongs without seams, thongs in cotton effect second skin, panties in very soft microfiber... Coquins, but cosy, these underwear allow us to play the card of seduction even dressed to stay at home.

Model wearing a set of lounge underwear by Chantelle from the Day to night collection
Model wearing a lounge underwear bra and cotton panties by Sloggi from the Ever Fresh collection
Dessus Dessous offers you many pieces that allow you to find the perfect balance between the lounge and the sexy side. The polyamide and elastane underwear, for example, are as lounge as they are sportswear, very comfortable to wear and offer great freedom of movement. These little pieces can be worn all day long without feeling uncomfortable, while at the same time emphasizing our feminine curves. You want to be comfortable for a cocooning day? Shorty, boxer and cotton panties will be your best allies to spend the day at home while enhancing your figure. Combined with a negligee, these pieces will make you feel sensual and confident.

Model wearing a top lounge bra from the Implicite Frivole collection
Model wearing a lounge spacer bra by Aubade, Lysessence collection
Hem ... and bra side, what does the lounge trend? Let's leave the push-up, the balconnet bra and the too tight cuts for a lazy day. The stars of comfort-sexy are the bralettes, triangular bras without underwiring, and the bras. The bodysuit will also be perfect to relax at home while remaining sensual and feminine.

Model wearing a PrimaDonna lounge bodysuit from the Madison collection
Model wearing a lounge bodysuit by Implicite from the Volage collection
It's up to you: the main thing is to find the underwear that suits your body type and in which you will feel beautiful... but above all comfortable!

Lounge underwear in a cocooning spirit
Mannequin wearing a lounge pyjama from Lingadore
Mannequin wearing a long and lounge nightdress by Marjolaine
The key pieces of the sexy and lounge lingerie are without doubt the night underwear. Kimono, nightdress, babydoll, satin pyjama set, blouse, camisole, top and babydoll... You have the choice to be sexy for the night. Feeling good and beautiful is, you understood it, very simple when you opt for lounge underwear. Feel free to vary colors, patterns and materials: the loungewear style leaves a lot of freedom. The important thing is to feel comfortable and to like yourself: it is a big step to feel desirable in the eyes of others. Still not sure which type of underwear to choose? Here's a tip: pieces with lace or transparency are perfect for being glamorous without compromising on comfort!