Whether for men or women, the shape of the body is different from each other. It is generally the morphology of a person that conditions the articles of clothing that can suit him. In bodybuilding, the morphology also determines the type of exercises and nutrition that are appropriate for an athlete. It is therefore necessary to know the different types of morphology that exist, as well as the exercises that are suitable for each type in order to develop muscle mass as best as possible.

It is the morphotype that defines a person's morphology. The morphotype is the physical and genetic characteristics of an individual. His physical appearance, his character, his metabolism are included in this term. Depending on the morphotype of each individual, we can distinguish three main categories of morphology: ectomorphic morphology, endomorphic morphology, and mesomorphic morphology.

Ectomorph is a term used to refer to a person who has a naturally thin and tall body type. An ectomorph has long arms and legs. His torso is quite short and his shoulders are quite narrow. At first glance, he has a rather square shape.

In the world of bodybuilding and weight training, ectomorphs are called hard gainers. They have a very good metabolism and their body does not store as much fat as an endomorph or mesomorph. When you have an ectomorph body type, you can eat whatever you want without fear of gaining extra pounds. All types of food are allowed for ectomorphs. These people always keep a super slim waistline and even if they have put on a few pounds, they will not have any trouble slimming down, since all the weight training and fitness exercises can suit them.

The disadvantage of having an ectomorphic body shape and doing weight training is that it is difficult to build muscle. If some people succeed with exercises well adapted to their metabolism, others do not find any palpable results. Muscles harden but do not grow. From an endurance and fitness standpoint, ectomorphs are rather fragile, and it takes a long time for them to recover after an intense workout.

Although it is not always easy for an ectomorph to build muscle mass, there are certain exercises that can be more beneficial than others. These include muscle building sessions, using fairly heavy weights, with as many sets and repetitions as the body allows. An ectomorphic person can also do core and isolation exercises to work the muscles and tissues intensely. It is important to give utmost importance to rest and recovery time so as not to damage the muscles and tissues.


When you have an endomorphic morphology, it means that you have a rather generous shape. In the field of fashion, we talk about a person who has a rather square shape. A person with endomorphic morphology has rather short arms and legs. The shoulders and hips are rather voluminous. The breasts are rather large.

With a voluminous body, an endomorphic person can take advantage of his morphology in the field of bodybuilding. It is easier for him to develop his muscle mass. Each exercise he performs can develop his muscles very quickly. Also, more resistant, an endomorphic person benefits from an unequalled capacity of recovery. In other fields such as martial arts or wrestling, endomorphic people also have huge advantages. Their large body size and weight are significant strengths for them.

However, when you have a large body, you are rather heavy, and your metabolism is slow. To this end, it is very easy for the body to store fat because the body burns little fat during a physical effort. Therefore, when you have an endomorphic morphology, you have to be careful with what you eat. We are often limited, especially in the consumption of fatty foods. Also, since the body is already voluminous, it is more difficult to have a well-defined musculature, especially at the level of the stomach and the hip.

The type of exercise that is best suited for people with endomorphic bodies is HIIT. This is a training method that consists of alternating periods of intense effort with periods of more moderate effort, in order to burn fat as much as possible. People with endomorphic morphology should also practice endurance activities such as cycling and swimming to improve their metabolism.

A mesomorphic body type is one where the upper body is longer and wider. A mesomorphic person has a very dynamic and athletic appearance. They have a very large muscle mass that can be developed very quickly and easily. They have a V shape, considered to be the ideal morphotype.

Also, a person with a mesomorphic morphology loses fat mass easily, and their fat is transformed into muscle very quickly, with well adapted exercises. It is easier for him to recover, no matter how hard he works. When you have a mesomorphic morphology, you don't need to deprive yourself to keep your figure, since your body doesn't store as much fat. All types of food can be eaten in moderation.

When you have a mesomorphic body type, all types of weight training exercises seem very easy. This can be a great advantage, but also a source of demotivation for these people.

The exercises that are suitable for people with a mesomorphic morphology are very diverse. But the most effective ones for building muscle mass are, for example, the basic exercises, isolation exercises, with larger sets and repetitions.

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