To offer lingerie to a woman: our advices to choose well!

To offer lingerie to a woman: our advices to choose well!

At what point in the relationship should you buy lingerie for your girlfriend? How to know her size? What style of underwear should I choose? Is it risky to offer her very sexy pieces? Our advice for men!

When to buy lingerie for your girlfriend?

Lingerie is something intimate, it's not something that can be offered to just anyone at any time. It's up to you to judge if the stage of your relationship allows it. Are you already intimate enough? Doesn't she risk taking it as an inappropriate gesture? If you have a fulfilling sex life and there is trust between you, go for it! Offering lingerie is a proof of attachment while remaining seductive. A perfect gift to tell her how crazy you are about her!

How to know her size?

The delicate question! Buying too small can complicate your girlfriend:

"He would like to have a woman with a mannequin size".
Offering her underwear that is too big would offend her:

"Does he really see me like this? ».
The best thing to do is to discreetly look at the size of several of her lingerie pieces or even take one to the store. Because yes, to make it even more complex, the size of lingerie can vary from brand to brand. For a bra, the size is at the back, next to the ties. Be sure to note, as a precaution, the different equivalences (UK, US...). As for lingerie or babydolls, if you can't find it, look at the size of its jeans and tops, the latter is in most cases similar to these pieces of lingerie.

To each morphology its style of underwear?

Yes, not everything fits everyone. An opulent bust can't afford a triangle bra without underwire and push-ups often don't suit them. Several options: you observe the type of lingerie she wears; you ask the saleswomen for advice by describing its shapes or you dare to buy her a model she doesn't have yet. Don't go too far from her style. Retro underwear like boudoir lingerie if she only wears classic clothes or clothes of a totally opposite style. As for underwear, don't buy her thongs if she never wears them and conversely, don't buy her a shorty if you've never seen her wearing one.