Notice to lovers: in a few days it's Valentine's Day. If some may be tempted to grumble about what can be perceived as an imposed date, there is still something to rejoice about because it is the perfect opportunity to spend a complicit moment together for an evening. And it is up to each of us to make this evening unique, by getting out of our love routine and by redoubling our imagination. In this, offering lingerie is a good idea! This year, we imagined a subject that we realized in collaboration with Aubade, a brand of lingerie that has always known how to address both women and men and that continues to make us dream. If you are planning to offer her some lingerie for Valentine's Day but you are still hesitating about which model to choose and you still have many other questions, here are our 10 tips to help you succeed in your quest:

1. Identify the right size
Over the years, many of us have acquired some knowledge on the subject and already know that bra size is based on two measurements: cup depth and bust size. The first one corresponds to the identification of a letter going from A for a small chest, to the letters E or F for the most generous chests. The second, in the form of a number, measures the chest size in centimeters, which can range from 80 to 100 cm or more. The easiest way to find out your measurements is to discreetly go into your underwear drawer and look for the size on a bra label. This little investigation is also valid for determining the size of the stocking to choose. Generally, it is advisable to select the size just above the one she usually takes for her pants. Even if almost all stores offer to exchange items if the size doesn't fit, she will appreciate (just like you) receiving a set that she can quickly put on. It would be a shame to offend your partner by choosing a size 40 thong when she is a small 36 (or vice versa).

Aubade lingerie size

2. Take into account its morphology
When we find a model that we like (to us men), we do not always take into account the factors related to the morphology of the one who will wear it. However this aspect is extremely important because it will guarantee a good comfort while allowing to emphasize each curve of the loved one. A few points of reference concerning the shapes of underwear will be welcome:

Bra shapes
Small to medium breasts: depending on what she usually wears, a very light triangle shape or on the contrary a push-up or ampliform model to raise and bring the chest closer together would be quite suitable.

Medium to full bosom: a basket or balconette model that will slightly lift the chest while making it look more plump is to be preferred.

Generous to voluminous breasts: it all depends on the type of shape she usually wears, but a more covering model will guarantee a better support. A basket style can also be very suitable for your other half.

Shapes of panties and stockings
Panties : the most classic shape covering the buttocks while letting appear the curves of these. It is generally suitable for all types of morphologies.

Shorty : quite covering on the hips, it will tend to break a small and slim silhouette.

G-string: generally thin on the sides, it frees the buttocks completely and allows to enhance a little pronounced buttocks.

Tanga : intermediate between the thong and the panties, it covers just half of the buttocks while accentuating their roundness. It will sublimate the hips already well drawn.

Aubade lingerie morphology

Bandeau bra and panties Aubade à l'Amour

3. Take into account her skin and hair color
In addition to the morphological characteristics of your partner to be taken into consideration, it is relevant to move towards a color of adornment that will definitely sublimate it. If she has very white skin, she will not necessarily appreciate receiving a fluorescent green set for example. Here are some recommendations to consider.

According to her skin
Light skin: soft and gentle shades are more appropriate than bright and pronounced colors.

Matte skin: no matter what hair color she has, all colors will suit her except for pastel shades that will make her look grey.

Black skin: she can afford everything, from pastel shades to the most vibrant colors, through all types of lace and patterns.

Aubade blue face lingerie