Shopping for lingerie online can be a confusing experience. For transgender women, and all transfeminine or non-binary people who wish to present themselves as women, there is more to consider than just finding a lingerie set you like.

Shopping for lingerie can be difficult and depending on where you are in your transition, and how comfortable you feel about walking into a store and trying things on, shopping online is often the easiest option.

Bluebella aims to be as inclusive as possible and is proud to have many customers in this community. Our wonderful customer service team often receives questions about trying on lingerie as a transgender woman, so we wanted to see if we could help you with some tips.

The first thing to do is find your size. There are currently no standard sizes available for this community, so you'll have to experiment, and maybe return the wrong sizes until you find what fits.

There are many bra size calculators online, and Bluebella has one here

Take a tape measure

First, measure the widest part of your bust, making sure the tape measure is flat and horizontal against your back. This is the chest measurement.

Measure your back circumference, just below the bust, making sure the tape measure is flat against the skin, but not too tight. This is the back measurement.

Compare the two measurements using the chart below. For example, if your back measurement is 86 cm and your bust measurement is 91 cm, there is a difference of 5 cm, which means your bra size is 90B.
Bra cup
Bra cup

Bra cup
Underbust band

While this is a great starting point, as it gives you an indication of size, there are other things to consider.

Your anatomy is most likely different from that of a cisgender woman. Transgender women tend to have a larger rib cage and less soft tissue in the chest and torso, so you may be more comfortable in a larger back size than you measure.

Don't worry, bra extenders are available online to increase the size of the underband if the bra you want is not available in your size, so this option may work for you.

Look for styles with a wider yoke between the cups. Trans women often have a larger rib cage and a bra with more room in the center will be more comfortable.

Bras with longer, fully adjustable straps will work better for you, as they fit your waist and torso length better.

Bras with a wider underband size may only be available in larger cups, as most brands tend to consider this a large customer base. You may need to use inserts to fill out the cup and give you the overall shape you want.

Wearing a bra with wider straps will give the illusion of a smaller build, as the straps will be more proportional in most cases than thin straps.

Underwire or not? Underwires can be uncomfortable, as they are often not wide enough, so a bra or bra without underwires might be the most comfortable option. Wearing an underwire bra after breast surgery can be uncomfortable, so be careful not to wear anything that makes you uncomfortable.

If you're looking for a bodysuit, you may have trouble finding something that fits the length of your torso, so again, look for styles with fully stretchy straps to add length to the garment.

High-waisted panties and support panties often work well as underwear.

Stiffer tulle styles offer good support.

Choose airy fabrics if you can, as they are more comfortable than others.

We hope these tips will help make your online lingerie shopping easier. We've tried to cover the basics and the most commonly asked questions, but we know you may have many more. If you are comfortable enough to go for a fitting