The thong to highlight your buttocks

The thong to highlight your buttocks

Considered as an evolution of the thong, the thong is found halfway between the slitted panties and the thong.

The thong
Lace or sober, the tanga adapts to different shapes of buttocks. It is made of two pieces of fabric. The first is in the form of a triangle covering the sex and extends between the buttocks and thighs.

The difference between the thong and the thong is that the string at the back is replaced by a piece of fabric. The latter has a triangular shape. This is why the thong covers the top of the buttocks.

Choosing a thong: what are the advantages for the buttocks?
If the thong is suitable for the majority of buttocks, it is even more interesting for women with a rounded buttocks. It is a real option for the more minimalist amateurs who wish to enhance their buttocks. Depending on the material used, the thong may or may not leave marks under your clothes.

In addition, there are different types of thongs: the covering thong and the indented thong. The first one offers a covering at the hip. The lace or fabric slightly covers the buttocks while giving them a rounded side. As for the notched thong, it offers less fabric on the buttocks. This one lets appear a triangular shape.