one of the essential components in terms of "fashion" is of course the color!
Do not the colors that we like and that we wear reflect our personality?
Based on the work of Michel Pastoureau and Dominique Simonnet, Le Petit Livre des Couleurs, published by Éditions Points, we present the main colors and their meanings ...
The colors all have a meaning, it's time to discover which one!
Blue is THE star color. Everywhere and discreet, blue is the favorite color of Westerners in lingerie, and this for several centuries. Symbol of the sky and the sea, blue reassures... It has even been entrusted with the flags of Europe and the UN, that's to say! Yet long rejected, this color is now ubiquitous. At the same time associated with religion, politics and economy, we can not miss the blue. It is however a rather discreet, conventional and comforting color.

But it can also be very sexy! Associated with lace and transparency, blue can become a real asset of seduction. In addition, this color goes to all women! Blonde, brunette, nude ... whatever the color of hair, skin or eyes, blue is always a safe bet!

Red is the opposite of blue. Far from being nuanced, red is a proud color, which asserts itself and exposes itself. It is also a color with a heavy past, both love and passion but also crime and violence ... In red, hides a form of duality. Over the centuries, red has become the symbol of power, then passion, and ambition. It is also a color said to be "rich", that is to say deep and often a symbol of opulence. Moreover, in our daily life, it is often the color of the forbidden, signs, lights, indications of possible danger, etc...

But red is also sexy, fiery, and intense! Every woman must have a set of red lingerie in her drawer. Moreover, it seems that if you wear red underwear on New Year's Eve, it will bring you good luck for the New Year. What's the risk of trying?

Our advice? If you're blonde, go for shades of cherry or burgundy red, preferably dark... You're of Asian origin? Go for flashy reds, this is the shade that will highlight your mine. You have black skin? You can wear any shade of red!

White is a color that is unanimous in most cultures of the world. It always symbolizes purity and innocence. But it is also a color that has the hard life ... Because it is always asked to be "whiter than white". White is a color with a very stable symbolism and very present in history.

It tells of birth, marriage, freedom, and sometimes death for some cultures ... And it has strong meanings. Symbol of peace, innocence, virginity, light, white accompanies us throughout our lives!

In lingerie, white is refined, delicate, dark and elegant. Symbol of bridal lingerie, white can be very sexy, especially if you play with its transparency. However, we do not teach you anything, this color remains very very delicate! So we think to take care of it and we prefer hand washing for these pretty immaculate underwear.
Black is not as black as you might think... You should know that the perfect black does not hesitate. It is always a very very dark gray because the perfect black can only exist if the light is absent. Then, although always associated in the West with mourning and despair, black also represents elegance at its best! Black is the most ambivalent color. Both associated with childhood fears, or religion, black is also linked to wealth, fashion, sophistication, and seduction!

A great classic in lingerie drawers, black lingerie is always a safe bet. For everyday wear or for a special evening, you can't go wrong with a set in this color.

So... Are you more blue, red, white or black?