Being more attractive, having more elegance, being more stylish while enjoying optimal comfort throughout the day, these are just some of the many advantages of wearing the body.

Several materials are used in the composition of the bodysuit: lace bodysuit, cotton bodysuit, etc. There are several styles of bodysuits, including the long-sleeved bodysuit and the short-sleeved bodysuit. With this lingerie, we have an infinite choice.

There are bodies in the shape of a bra for the upper body and bodies in the shape of panties to sublimate your lower body. We have bodies that are designed to be used as underwear only and there are also body models like the Black Sublim sheathing body string that also have the function of clothing and can be displayed. I'll give you that!!! All this diversity doesn't necessarily make your choice easy.

As with all other lingerie, the choice of the ideal body (size and model) should be made taking into account your figure, the shapes of your body. Other selection criteria such as color or material come later. Our article entitled ⇒ Choosing your sculpting lingerie according to your morphology, will help you to know your type of silhouette and to choose a body according to it. 

The body lingerie has a double function: it is both a normal garment and an underwear. This underwear is considered by many as sexy lingerie. The body beautifully sculpts your silhouette with materials based on elastane which it is composed and asserts your sexy side by playing on the games of transparency combined with its lace. Take into account the age of the person who wears it and the context or the environment in which it is worn if you intend to use the body as a normal garment, that is to say to highlight it or not. Always keep in mind its use in order not to appear vulgar or out of context.
The positive point of this lingerie is that the bodysuit is a lingerie that fits perfectly with almost every outfit in a woman's wardrobe.

It is a multifunctional room. Many women use it wonderfully as a t-shirt or as a top over their pants.
Add a feminine leather perfecto or jacket for a sexier and more seductive rock style. Why not add more elegance by focusing on the casual woman effect by combining it with denim overalls instead. Appear more sexy by associating the body lingerie with a pencil skirt, why not ! The option of pants suit plus body is to be considered for women who want to look more chic. However, all professional and amateur actors of the fashion world agree that the association body lingerie and high waist jeans is the sexiest outfit.

It is also important to consider the surrounding context, i.e. the social environment and the profile of the people around you. To make a good first impression on a date, use the incredible seductive powers of the lace body. On the other hand, in a professional context and in a concern of credibility, it is wiser to choose a body lingerie body with sober colors. An underwear totally invisible under your outfits. Anyway, choosing a body covering Sublim Curve will always be a very good solution to make your body perfect. Whether it is under a tight and sexy outfit or under a more sober garment, it will know how to make it even thinner and more desirable. Depending on the type or model of body lingerie (with or without underwire, with or without bra cups), you must choose the one that corresponds to your figure. For women with beautiful breasts, a body with triangular shaped bras is the best choice to look more attractive.