Like many women and many stars you have long dreamed of a breast operation, reduction, augmentation or by obligation (masectomy). Once this operation has been carried out, it is advisable to use good bras.

What is a post-operative bra?
It is a bra that is worn in the months following a breast operation. Whether it is for implants, mastectomy (necessary during a breast cancer screening), breast augmentation, breast reduction, or any operation concerning your breasts, it is essential to cocoon it for a better post-recovery and optimal comfort.

Indeed, after a breast operation, pain occurs and must be minimized, adding to this great fatigue, you will have to spare yourself as much as possible. Your surgeon may recommend regular massage exercises to relieve them and above all to wear clothes, as well as an adequate bra: a post-operative bra.

Why wear a post-operative bra?
Such a bra has a triple action: compression, comfort and support after breast surgery.

These bras are real medical devices, so you really shouldn't neglect the underwear you will wear after your operation. It is not uncommon, and it is often recommended, that these bras are made to measure. The seams are external so as not to irritate and damage the skin, thus helping the scars to close. A postoperative bra is made with a permanent concern of well-being, reconstitution, efficiency but also aesthetics. The materials are rigorously selected and different from traditional bras. The respect of the morphology of the breast for these bras is essential in order to avoid the crushing of the breast.