What is the real history of the bra? Do you know how many parts it takes to design a bra? How many steps are involved? How many different elements can a bra contain? It is to all these answers that the Lemon Curve team will answer and much more!

The history
The 1900's
The first bra prototype was patented in 1859 in New York by Henry S. Lesher.
On June 27, 1889, Herminie Cadolle presented the first modern bra at the Paris World's Fair under the name Bien-être.
The word bra enters the dictionary
In 1913, Mary Phelps Jacob created a bra that separated the two breasts. At the same time, a bra with two crossed triangles in the front and back was launched.
The first bras sold were made of linen.
At the beginning of the century, it is said that the recent Eiffel Tower represents a woman's leg covered with a fishnet stocking, and that its four pillars are the fasteners of the garter belt.

The Twenties
At the end of the first world war, we try to celebrate the revival, the reconstruction. The woman completes her silhouette with short hair, dresses in the Charleston style and flattening bras for a flat bust.
Appearance of the pant suit and silk stockings in flesh color and silver
The 30's
Culottes and panties replaced the pre-war pants
The cup and bra sizing system was developed
Nylon is invented
Appearance of the first bras "à la Gaby" created by Lejaby
Mademoiselle Simone Pérèle obtained her diploma as a corsetière in 1935
The 45's
At the end of the Second World War, France gradually recovers and the New Look appears.
The Chantelle girdle was born to shape the hips with softness and lightness.
The fashion is for the wasp waist and high breasts
The wasp-waist and the bikini is launched
Simone Pérèle stands out for its collections with noble materials and careful details
Barbara lingerie and Lou lingerie arrived on the market
The 55's
Invention of the babydoll and the baby-doll nightgown
Birth of lycra
High heels are worn with seamless stockings
The three sizes A, B and C herald the arrival of the large sizes D and E
Simone Pérèle creates bras that last up to 20 years
Lou launches her first printed lingerie
The 70's
The woman's body is in the spotlight, more naked than ever
Appearance of low-cut briefs, preformed and transparent bras
Birth of the molded bra by Chantelle, for a natural and truly supported bust
The 80's
The bra celebrates its 100th birthday
Charming lingerie follows the path opened up by the camisole, the thong, the garter belt and the suspender belt.
The 90's
It's the turn of the push-up bra, the push-up bra and the cup bra to make their mark
Arrival of the micro-fiber mesh in the major lingerie houses
Launch of the first Aubade seduction lessons, announcing the prêt-à-séduire
The years 2000
Microfiber asserts itself
Sports lingerie becomes more democratic
The era of the "second skin" with invisible lingerie
Appearance of the G-cup
Some key figures
A bra can contain up to 30 elements and 20 different materials
It takes 300 to 350 bra prototypes to make 30 pieces of a collection
It takes 6 to 8 months to develop a collaborative work between stylist and pattern maker
1 model goes through 32 production stations
A seamstress uses 5 to 8 different machines to make a model

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