The high waist panty: a must-have

If you haven't opened a fashion magazine in the last two years, you have probably missed the lingerie trend of the last few years, the notable return to vintage lingerie but also the sheathing lingerie
The undeniable advantage is that it refines the waist and thus erases the small unsightly belly. We have a wasp waist in an instant and we forget our complexes.
We feel very well maintained, our posture is felt, we stand more straight. For a woman, pay attention to your posture!
Exit the thong which does not offer enough elegance and does not really make couture!
It has a real purpose to mark the waist to bring out all your femininity.
Ideal to wear with a pencil skirt or high-waisted slacks.
Embrace the romanticism
Rosy high waist panties from the L'éblouissante line

The brand Rosy knows how to do it in terms of romanticism. Here are high-waisted panties full of romance and femininity. It will be forgotten under your clothes but will bring you at the same time a great refinement in the lines because it combines floral lace, tulle and microfiber. The ultimate detail that delights us is at the back of it. We find a drop slightly revealing the bottom of the kidneys.
The high-waisted panties Dim from the line Diam's Control Modern

The modernity of the cut offers us the promise of an unusual lingerie. It is at an ideal height because it is neither too high nor too low. Available in colors that suit everyone, i.e. black or white.
Carve out a mermaid body

Dare the modernity
Scandal high waist panties from the Siren line

In another register, these panties from the Sirene line give you a tapered waist but also sultry because the red brings a little spice to a cut that sometimes displeases the gentlemen. The Scandale brand has a renowned know-how for the sheathing lingerie with always a little retro air. Yes, you can also be sexy in high-waisted panties.

The high shaping panties Barbara from the Beauty Perfect line

It is imperative that we have invisible lingerie essential to wear white or slightly transparent tops. This underwear in addition to having an invisible effect is covered with lace to adorn us with exquisite floral patterns but also feathers. We no longer want only a shaping effect, we also want aesthetics and refinement.

Come and discover how to choose your sheathing lingerie.