The different types of very sexy lingerie

To seduce your other half and feel beautiful in your underwear, you can wear a sexy lingerie ultra. Designers compete with inventiveness to offer lingerie sets that are both elegant and very naughty. Black or red lace, daring sets, transparent babydolls, ultra tight bodysuits, garter belts, thongs, open panties, bras designed to enhance the breasts: it's up to you to choose from a wide collection of very sexy lingerie.

Focus on a range of lingerie that will make your other half fall for you!

The open lingerie for a very sexy effect
The open lingerie is undoubtedly the naughtiest lingerie! It is an unstoppable tool of seduction for your torrid evenings.

There are totally open bras, designed to let your breasts show through while enhancing them in an ultra sexy way. You will also find models that play on the geometry to let your chest glimpse in a subtle and mysterious way. Among the classics of open lingerie: the pearl thong that lets your buttocks and sex show in an elegant and seductive way thanks to a very fine lace. Some models are even equipped with lacing that you and your other half can undo as you wish!

The open panty is of course an essential model of this type of lingerie. Open in the back or in the front, it is worked in a way to highlight the body of women and make the head of men turn! For a provocative style, you can also choose an erotic jumpsuit open only on the chest and the sex or a transparent nightie open only on your breasts.

Made of lace or net, open lingerie offers a glamorous and erotic side that will make you spend ultra torrid evenings!

The advantages of transparent lingerie
Sheer lingerie can be sexy, very elegant and mysterious at the same time. These are lingerie pieces that all women should have to feel beautiful and seductive.

Sheer lingerie is a great compromise for women who want to feel seductive, but don't dare to take the step of open lingerie.

There are several types of sheer lingerie. For example, you can opt for the delicate transparency of lace: a lace bra and thong set will ideally highlight the satin of your skin and the curves of your body. Tulle is also very popular with women who want to adopt a romantic and fancy sexy lingerie. The tulle allows indeed to play on the reasons by declining floral, graphic or animal prints.

If you can of course opt for a set of panties or thong and bra, you can also trust the eroticism of transparent bodies. This type of model is very popular with women who want to shape their figure while remaining sexy and comfortable.