The different shapes of panties and stockings

The different shapes of panties and stockings

Panties: the most classic shape, covering the buttocks. It is sufficiently indented to show part of the curve of the buttocks.

G-string: this one completely releases the buttocks, thus making itself completely invisible under clothing.

Shorty: inspired by a more masculine boxer type shape, the shorty is anything but anti-sexy. Very often made of lace, it is imposed in version low waist and very indented on the buttocks.

Tanga: intermediate between the panties and the thong, the back of the tanga is more covering than the thong without covering the buttocks.

morphological profiles
The RougeGorge brand gave us these few morphological advices:

For small cups (A and B), underwiring is not an obligation. The triangle bra offers naturalness and comfort. If the desired effect is the volume, the ampliforme with its shells come to raise the bust and bring a pretty curve. The shape par excellence remains however the push up.

From cup D, we bet everything on the support for more comfort. The interlocking cup offers a natural look and ensures a nice cleavage. The basket models also promise a very feminine wear. If the idea is not to bring volume to the chest, we avoid bras with shells. For the large cups we prefer models that encompass the bust. The scarf bra also offers an excellent support. It differentiates itself by its chic touch thanks to the nicely worked lace.

For the bottom, the shorty and the panties are reassuring and covering forms. The panty remains a very feminine timeless, it adapts to the morphologies. For an invisible effect, choose a model with lace back without elastic. The thong and thong are more indented models that offer discretion and sensuality. The thong has become a must in lingerie, its shape reveals the curve of the buttocks.