Around here, we talk a little bit about fashion... And especially about lingerie! One of the essential components in terms of "fashion" is of course the color! We know, the materials, the cuts are also very important... But, more seriously, what is the first thing that catches our eye ? Color!

The colors we like and wear may be an indicator of our personality?
Did you know that our sensitivity to certain colors rather than others depends on our tastes, but also on our character and values?

Based on the work of Michel Pastoureau and Dominique Simonnet, Le Petit Livre des Couleurs, published by Éditions Points, we present the main colors and their meaning .

Les couleurs ont toutes un sens, il est temps de découvrir lequel !

Blue is THE star color. Discreet and discreet, blue is the favorite color of Westerners when it comes to lingerie, and has been for several centuries. Symbol of the sky and the sea, blue reassures... It has even been entrusted with the flags of Europe and the UN, that is to say! Yet long rejected, this color is omnipresent today. At the same time associated with religion, politics and economy, blue cannot be ignored. Yet it is a rather discreet, conventional and comforting color.

But it can also be very sexy! Assimilated to lace and transparency, blue can become a real asset of seduction. In addition, this color goes to all women! Blonde, brunette, black... no matter the color of hair, skin or eyes, blue is always a sure value!