The body top

The body top

The bodysuit is a garment in its own right ... it comes in all styles, all tastes and all budgets. The bodysuit being mainly tight, bet rather on a flared piece at the bottom in order to have a harmonious silhouette.

What I prefer when I wear a "body top": wearing high waist stockings, like a skating skirt, flare jeans or even eph' legs, or wide and flowing pants. This cut will allow you to shape your silhouette.

For those less cold and the summer season approaching, dare to wear retro shorts with a wide cut and a high waist (#bombeatomique).
I let you discover my selection as well as my look.
I hope that after reading this article, you will fall in love with this must have and that you will feel sexy!

The point of putting transparency is to make people guess what is underneath. It is a naughty tendency but not vulgar if you know how to dress. The transparent textile lets you see the belly, arms, back or legs.

But you can't see the erotic areas at least if you're wearing something underneath. Avoid wearing a lace top with underneath a bra of the same material because it might be quite messy.

There is black lace. Lady Gaga loves it! The lace remains very glamorous and is worn here above or below. In underwear at Princess Tamtam it comes in all shapes. The bodysuit can be worn in an assumed way for the less modest.