The body in lingerie: why adopt it?

The body in lingerie: why adopt it?

Some have adopted it, others not. The bodysuit is a must in the world of lingerie and its popularity does not falter! If you are still hesitating, here are 3 reasons why we love bodysuits at Leanelis.

But what is a body in lingerie?
At first glance, the bodysuit is a piece of lingerie that can look like a corset or a leotard used by ballerinas. The bodysuit is inspired by these two garments for their aesthetic and practicality.

Basically, the bodysuit is distinguished from the leotard by its lack of sleeves. But today there are bodysuits with very different cuts.

It is an undergarment that is worn close to the body, tight-fitting and covers it from the chest to the crotch. It can be composed of several materials but is often rather elastic.

There are several forms of bodies:

The bodysuit whose bottom has the same shape as a panty
The body-string
With round neck, square, triangle...
The sheathing body
It appears in the 50s. The pin-up Bettie Page is one of the first to wear it during shows or photo shoots.

We can also mention the famous Wonder Woman and her body-armor.

But it is the 80s that mark its success. The movie Flashdance, which was released in 1983, leaves a memorable memory of this bodysuit dance. After that, the creators start to decline it in several colors, forms and materials.

#1 The bodysuit: a trendy piece of lingerie
We have seen in previous articles: the bodysuit has the wind in your sails these last seasons. If you are the kind of person who follows trends, you must have already tried it.

After the 80s the bodysuit disappears from trends to return sexier than ever. This time it is decorated with transparency effects, embroidery, lace.

Far from being kitsch, a bodysuit is now considered a very sophisticated piece of lingerie!

#2 The bodysuit: practical lingerie that enhances the figure
The bodysuit has the advantage of being sexy because it hugs and enhances the shape. Some bodysuits can even camouflage some curves.

It can therefore be worn under clothes to enhance your figure.

Practical, it is easy to put on and does not go up or slip.


#3 You can wear the bodysuit as clothing
This is a trend launched by the stars that we talked about in a previous article. The lingerie is now worn as a garment in its own right.

So we can very well put a bodysuit in place of a T-shirt or a tank top, for a rock and sexy effect assured. It can also be worn with jeans or under a skirt!

If however this tendency seems too daring to you, you can wear the body under a top or a slightly transparent shirt.


Make sure you choose the right size for your bodysuit. Too big, it may cause unwanted and unsightly folds. Too small, it will be uncomfortable and will crush your shape.


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