The Body, an essential of the lingerie!

The Body, an essential of the lingerie!



The Body lingerie to enhance your silhouette

The Lingerie Reinvents Itself With The Return Of The Body Which Has Its Place In All Women's Closets. This Lingerie One Piece Version With Sexy Effects Will Enhance The Silhouette Of Each. Flatten Small Bellies, Hide Small Defects, Enhance All Types Of Breasts ... What Great Benefits To Wear A Body In Lingerie Version! Ultra-Feminine, It Goes To All Women.

A Shaping Effect To Enhance The Shapes, The Body Enhances Femininity But Will Also Have A Winning Effect, That Everyone Will Appreciate To Wear Under A Dress...

A touch of spice in her lingerie with the bodystocking
To Surprise Your Partner By Changing From Traditional Bra and Panty Combo, The Body Has All The Assets To Feel Beautiful And Sexy. With a body in your wardrobe, you will have the accessory that will spice up your daily life.
With Sexy Bodys Close to the Body.

Several Models To Vary The Effects And The Envies. In Triangle Version With Adjustable Straps Or In Bustier Version, The Lingerie Collection Declines All Its Subtleties.

Those who are looking for support will fall for the different Triangle Body Styles. To reinforce this support, the models are equipped with breast clips and provide unparalleled comfort. With Its Swimming Back, the Triangle Body will go unnoticed under a Tank Top. This model will blend with elegance under your clothes during the day to sparkle at night.

Thanks to its adjustable straps, the body adapts to all body types. As far as fabrics are concerned, the brand likes to play with transparency, revealing the most beautiful assets of your femininity. Black, Nude, With Golden Or White Straps Or Playing On Contrast With Silver... Chic Is Always On The Date.

With a Sexy Lingerie And Always Comfortable. The Bustier Body Does Not Lose The Assets Side Maintenance Of The Chest Because To Be Sexy Or But With All The Comfort Possible. This Bustier Version will be able to blend under all the dresses of your wardrobe and its neckline will add even more charm to your outfit. In this version the straps are removable to keep the choice of your outfit according to your desires.  White or black, we always bet on transparency for a chic and sexy side in a body.


How to Wear It: Bodysuits

What is a Bodysuit and Why Do I Want to Wear One?

Bodysuits are one-piece garments, similar to a leotard or one-piece bathing suit, that come in a range of styles from long-sleeved and blousey to spaghetti strapped and skintight.

How Do I Wear a Bodysuit?

Bodysuits can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts, and shorts – any bottom you can think of, you can probably wear it with a bodysuit. Bodysuit outfits can range from casual to professional to glam and sexy.

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Here's how stars wear lingerie to go out

Fine materials, crocheted yokes, lace finishes worthy of the most beautiful workshops... More than underwear, lingerie is a true art. Rather than remaining hidden, this unconditional fan of our wardrobe is revealed, under a blazer, all in transparency, sporty or suggestive version, it becomes the centerpiece of a look to go out. The underwear takes a step forward and no longer remains under the clothes, proof with the stars who display their outfits upside down.


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