Size matching: buy your clothes and underwear in the right size

Model wearing a black lingerie set

You have probably already come across labels with different size correspondences in the world of lingerie or ready-to-wear. Big dilemma... What size to choose when you see that the label displays a French size and a European size? What is an S, M or XXL? It is important to know the different correspondences in order to choose clothes in our size... and to avoid having to continually return to the store to make an exchange. In this article, we tell you all about size correspondences for women.
Know your measurements to choose clothes and underwear in the right size
Knowing your measurements to choose clothes adapted to your morphology and your size is essential to avoid mistakes. Knowing your exact measurements will allow you to order clothes and underwear online as well as in store without stress.

Image allowing to take your measurements to better understand the correspondence of the sizes

Taking your measurements is relatively simple. Equipped with a tape measure, take the measurements as shown below:

Chest size: breathe out and place the tape measure flat on your chest, at the level of the tips of your breasts. Stand up straight and make sure that the tape measure goes under your armpits and over your shoulder blades. This measurement is essential for choosing the right bra size.
The bust measurement (under the bust): we take the measurement of the bust just under the chest. The figure obtained will allow you to choose your bras and tops more easily.
Waist circumference or waistline: measure around your belly, at the point where a pair of regular-fit pants would fit. Don't cheat: if you pull in your belly, you will get a more flattering, but distorted measurement.
Hip circumference: this secondary indication concerns women's clothing. Women have hips that are more or less voluminous: it is therefore important to know their measurement to obtain the desired effect once the clothes are worn (more or less close to the body). To measure your hips, wrap the tape around your hips where the pelvis is widest, above the buttocks.
The different types of women's sizes you may encounter
Many sizes can be indicated on a label or a product sheet, depending on the origin of the clothing and underwear and the brand chosen. Here are some size correspondences.

European or EU sizes and French sizes
The European sizes, named EU on the labels, go from 34 to 48 for tops and bottoms. They generally correspond to one size larger than the French sizes (40, for example, corresponds to a French 38).

Sizes in Spain
Spanish sizes are not very different from French sizes, except for bras. Indeed, the 85 does not exist: we go directly from 80 to 90.

Universal sizes
They go from XXS to XXXL for tops and bottoms, XXS being the smallest size and XXXL the largest.

Italian sizes
Italian sizes are slightly different from our French sizes. They go from 38 to 52 for clothes (jeans, shirts, sweaters, pants, t-shirts...) but from 1 to 8 for bras and panties (for example 1 for 80, 8 for 115 for bras).

USA and UK sizes
The sizes are presented in the same way in the USA and in Great Britain for bras, in the form of a number between 30 and 50. For panties, the sizes vary from 8 to 22 in the UK and from 4 to 18 in the USA. Again, the numbers go from the smallest size to the largest.

Size charts for tops
The size of tops can be indicated in different ways depending on the country of origin of the product you are interested in. Follow the instructions in the following chart to choose the right size garment for you.

Size charts for bras
Can't decide on a bra size? Take your measurements and consult the following size chart to avoid making a mistake.

Size charts for stockings and panties
Stocking and panty sizes vary from country to country. The following chart will help you to choose the right size for your panties, shorties, thongs and g-strings.

You now know the various size correspondences. Remember to take your measurements and read the labels of your products carefully to make the right choice. By doing so, you will not have