Sexy underwear for which woman?

Sexy underwear for which woman?

If you have a small bust take a cup bra and do not hesitate to add small pads adapted. Dare leather, unless you have a large bust effect too much guaranteed and you risk being a little vulgar. If you are tall, choose a thong or a boxer. If you are small, opt for a thong that makes your leg longer.

Romantic underwear
The unavoidable romantic underwear
Crack for all the cotton, silk and lace sets, colorful, glittery, with gourmet designs, fruits, flowers, small bows, pretty embroideries, in short everything. Satin babydolls are a must for romantic nights with your Jules! Suggest while letting guess the rest. Bet on the thong that only partially covers your buttocks, it's so glamorous!

Romantic underwear for which woman?
You are flower-blue and dreamy, choose underwear in pastel colors, sky blue, pink, fuchsia, make the most of your femininity!
For wasp sizes: dare to wear a bustier with a tight waistband and you will look like a princess!

Sports underwear
The essential underwear
Opt for polyester underwear. A breathable bra that wicks away sweat and gives your breasts the support you need.
New: sports underwear made of recycled polyester called Capilene, for maximum support and above all they are anti-odorant.