Sexy lingerie: open or transparent?

Sexy lingerie: open or transparent?

Showing your desire to your partner can be a puzzle for some women. Whether you are tall, small or slender, lingerie is an accessory that will make you irresistible and desirable, while giving you confidence. Not only does it allow you to assert your femininity but also to rekindle the romantic flame in your partner. However, it is important to choose the lingerie that will enhance your body. What to choose between open and transparent lingerie?

Open lingerie
Lingerie is said to be open when it leaves part or all of your intimacy exposed. It is worn in truly sensual conditions. So by choosing this lingerie model, you are clearly sending a message to your partner. Indeed, you let him know your desires or your intentions towards him. When choosing your lingerie, you must take into account the comfort it will give you, otherwise you risk having an effect contrary to what you expect.

It must be adapted to your body, otherwise you may notice the deformations of your intimate parts. This will certainly not attract your partner. When you choose your lingerie well, you are sure to be noticed and desired by your partner. It is therefore important to choose this type of lingerie carefully.

Bra shapes have openings in the breasts that leave the last ones out of the bra and clearly visible.

Models that present the two shapes in a grouped fashion are somewhat comparable to swimsuits. Here, there may be openings in one of your private parts or on all parts at once. What could be better than open lingerie to caress your man's senses.