Why wearsexy lingerie?
And why not? There are plenty of good reasons to indulge yourself by offering or wearing sexy lingerie.

First of all, who doesn't want to feel comfortable in their underwear and femininity? Well chosen, pretty lingerie can boost self-confidence. And even if nobody necessarily sees it!

Secondly, it can spice up your love life. Whether in a couple or on a date, sexy lingerie is a real plus and can testify to your desires.

Finally, when it comes to offering lingerie, in general, it is done on behalf of the partner. It can be the testimony of a desire to sublimate the body of the other and the attraction that we feel!

Transparent sexy lingerie: all in delicacy
In addition to being always trendy, transparent sexy lingerie spices up the game of seduction, without overdoing it. It allows the other to guess, but leaves a part of mystery.

Wiser than open lingerie, it leaves more room for imagination and is ideal if you don't necessarily feel comfortable showing everything.

It can be completely or partially transparent. It's up to you to see what you like and what makes you feel most comfortable.