Our tips for choosing your wedding lingerie

Model wearing wedding lingerie by Lise Charmel

The big day is approaching: you have booked the wedding hall, the caterer, prepared the decoration, bought your wedding rings... Everything is ready for your wedding. Have you thought about choosing nice underwear for your wedding day and night? Oops... It's time to think about it. The wedding lingerie you choose should be sexy, but also comfortable. Don't know what to choose? Don't panic: we give you several tips to choose your underwear, but also some pieces of lingerie to match the D-day.
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Lace or invisible lingerie?

Model wearing a lace and invisible lingerie set from Aubade

It is essential to feel comfortable in your wedding lingerie. This day is already stressful enough: no need to add to it with underwear in which you feel bad, compressed, itchy... If you are not used to wearing lace, we advise you not to try the experience on the big day and to prefer invisible lingerie. Laser-cut and seamless, it offers a unique comfort. In fact, you won't even feel it under your wedding dress! Our little tip? Choose a color that blends in with the color of your dress or that is close to your skin tone so that your underwear is not visible under your outfit.

A bra adapted to your dress and your morphology
Model wearing an invisible bra under a Chantelle wedding dress

Your bra must be adapted to your morphology. All models are potentially suitable: cup, full cup, strapless, push up, with or without underwire, multiposition, with removable straps, bandeau... Select your wedding bra according to the neckline you want to wear, but also the shape of the dress you are wearing. The bandeau bra, for example, is perfect for strapless dresses. You have a generous chest? Think about the support by choosing a model with a wide band in the back, underwires and wide straps (if you do not wear a strapless dress or bare back).

Which stocking to choose for your wedding lingerie?
Model wearing a Selmark thong

Your choice depends on the fabric, the level of transparency and the level of comfort expected. Again, avoid lace if you are not used to wearing this material, you may not feel comfortable. Choose soft and comfortable materials. As for the shape, you are free to choose according to your tastes: high-waisted briefs, Brazilian briefs, thongs or tangas... it all depends on the indentation you are looking for and the level of comfort you want. Remember to match your stocking with your bra if possible, opting for the same color and the same material. Traditionally, the bride wears a harmonious set of undergarments.

The waspière at a wedding
Mannequin wearing a Lise Charmel garter

The bustier is perfect to lengthen the figure and hide a small round belly. It also allows to support and enhance the chest, which will offer a nice cleavage. It is in short a great ally to display a dream figure on his wedding day. Without integrated bra, it can be worn under a strapless dress, but is not suitable for all dresses. It is indeed to proscribe if your dress is too tight, in fine material like satin, because the garter belt of the garter belt could be seen. We would also like to point out that this is not the most comfortable wedding lingerie... It's up to you to see if you are comfortable in this type of underwear.

The garter belt under a wedding dress

Model wearing a Lise Charmel wedding garter belt

The garter belt tightens the waist and, like the garter belt, is only worn under a full dress. You can also plan to put on your sexy lingerie only to raise the temperature during the wedding night.

The garter
The garter is a traditional piece of fine lingerie for the bridal gown. The bride is free to reveal it or to keep it well hidden under her dress. Glamorous, this little elastic band can even become a romantic game with the groom during the wedding night.

Sexy lingerie for the wedding night

Model wearing a sexy black lingerie set from AubadeYou've got it: you have carte blanche regarding the choice of your wedding lingerie. It is indeed very difficult to make a mistake. Just remember to choose lingerie that won't show under your wedding dress. For the rest, it doesn't matter. Everything is allowed t