Our tips for choosing your sheer tights

Lying lingerie model wearing sheer tights

Dresses and skirts are nice to wear in spring and summer... What a pleasure to feel the soft rays of the sun on our legs! In autumn and winter, it's a different story. Do we have to give up revealing our legs? Not at all. Tights, the essential accessory for the coldest days and evenings, are perfect for preserving us from hypothermia... but also for sublimating our legs and camouflaging their little flaws. Today, we talk to you about transparent tights, an accessory sometimes controversial, but finally very practical and trendy.
Transparent tights or not?
Transparent tights have a reputation that sticks to them: the one of being "memorizing" and not really trendy. However, these tights are not to be banned from our wardrobes... if they are well chosen. Choose transparent and matte tights. These pieces embellish the leg, highlight it and even camouflage its small defects. Matte tights are almost invisible: if you choose the right shade, they won't stand out against your skin. In this case, it girdles the legs and allows to complete an outfit. You can opt for a more or less opaque tights. But be aware that the more transparent the tights are... the more fragile they are.

Mannequin wearing sheer matte flesh-colored tights
Three models wearing sheer tights according to their skin tone
To make the best choice, combining practicality and aesthetics, always remember to take a look at the opacity indicator, specified on the box of your tights. The higher the index, the more opaque the tights are. Transparent tights have an index between 10 and 30 deniers. Tights with an index between 10 and 15 deniers are perfect for summer, because they are really thin. Thicker, 20 to 30 denier stockings are semi-sheer and ideal for mid-season. Tights with an index higher than 50 denier are very thick tights, designed to cover the legs in winter. They are more visible than low index tights... but they can look great when worn with a mid-length dress and pretty boots or thigh-high boots.

Our tips for choosing your sheer tights
Think you know how to choose your tights? Let's make sure you've thought of everything. The first point to review is the size of the tights. That's right: choosing the right size for your tights is crucial. Tights that are too big are unattractive because they leave creases on your knees and legs, while tights that are too small are guaranteed to tear. Take your height and weight into account so you don't go wrong. The tights are graded from size 1 to 6, with size 1 corresponding to an S, 2 and 3 to an M or to tall and slender women and sizes 4 to 6 to round morphologies.

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The second parameter to take into consideration is the color of the tights. If you choose flesh-colored tights, respect, as mentioned above, your skin tone. Do not hesitate to test a sample of colors, available in store, or to slip your hand in the tights by stretching it slightly. This will show you how the stocking will look on your legs. Does the color blend with your skin? Perfect, these tights are for you. Prefer to choose black sheer tights? Let's take a look.

How to dress up your legs with black sheer tights?
Black sheer tights are a must have in your wardrobe. Resolutely chic and offering a perfect curve of the legs, they will give you a working girl look under a nice fitted dress or a pencil skirt. They can also give you a glamorous look if you pair them with a mini-skirt, high-waisted skirt, shorts or a sweater dress. Black sheer tights are not difficult to wear: it is generally considered that they can be worn under any outfit and match any color. They are the most modern stocking stuffer in our selection!

Model wearing black sheer tights by Le Bourget
Model wearing black sheer stockings by Maison Close
A subtle mix of transparency and fantasy
Are you bold by nature and want to add a little pizzazz to your outfit? Fancy tights are for you. Be careful: it's important to choose your fancy tights carefully to avoid looking like a carnival! Fancy tights come in many styles: polka dots, stripes, bows, sequins, checks, feathers, striped thigh-highs, decorated with a back seam, with a tattoo effect, etc.