Opt for the vaporous negligee

Model wearing a vaporous negligee revealing the lingerie of the brand Marjolaine
You want to seduce your partner with night lingerie without giving up your comfort ? It is quite possible. Babydoll, bodysuit, garter belt, underwear, kimono, shorts and camisole... Women have more than one weapon at their disposal to make themselves beautiful at night. There is a piece of lingerie for women less known than those mentioned above, but just as formidable: the vaporous negligee. What is it? How to choose it ? Above and Below tells you everything.

What is a vaporous negligee?
The negligee is a feminine indoor garment, originally composed of a nightgown and a robe. From now on, the word déshabillé designates a robe. The word vaporeux is an adjective related to the fabric. It means thin, light and transparent. A vaporous negligee is therefore a sexy, light and transparent robe. Refined and glamorous, this piece of women's lingerie is often made of fine materials such as lace, satin and other transparent or openwork fabrics.

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Opting for a long, wispy negligee
Mannequin wearing an ebony black negligee from Marjolaine
Mannequin wearing a red vaporous negligee by Marjolaine
Mannequin wearing a vaporous negligee by Marjolaine
The negligee is a piece of elegant lingerie, but suggestive to very suggestive. The long vapid negligee, for example, is a nightwear generally very transparent. Its function? To emphasize the forms while letting guess what is underneath. The Mélinda negligee by Marjolaine, available in ebony black or red, is a very openwork robe. There are more covering pieces, like the Marjolaine Messaline Antique negligee for example. These two models of nightwear full of sensuality highlight all curves wonderfully. They are adapted to all morphologies, from the smallest to the largest sizes.

The short negligee
Model wearing a white vaporous negligee from the Lise Charmel wedding lingerie brand
Mannequin wearing a short white negligee from the Lise Charmel wedding lingerie brand
The short white negligee is a great classic of wedding lingerie. In other colors, it is the perfect piece for warm summer evenings and nights. The short negligee can be worn over all lingerie pieces: sexy babydoll, garter belt, bustier and panties, push-up bra and thong, lace lingerie, fishnet bodysuit... It's up to you to try on the most glamorous outfit. Awaken the sexy woman in you!

A floral print negligee
Model wearing a black vapid negligee in devorage by Lise Charmel
Mannequin wearing a vapid negligee
Devorage is an embroidery technique that gives life to very refined and elegant pieces. It creates very pretty floral print negligees, quite covering, but still sexy. Made of a mixture of silk, viscose and polyamide fibers, these nightwear combine suppleness, soft touch and great resistance. If you choose a negligee, you can be sure to keep your naughty outfit for many years.

And why not choose a steamy kimono?
Want to play the sexy geisha for a night out? You will like the vaporous kimono. This traditional Japanese piece revisited by Maison Close is sure to make your partner fall in love with it: it reveals the shapes and sparkles with a thousand lights.

Now you know how to choose your vaporous negligee. Which model will you choose for your torrid evenings?