Opt for the pyjama shorts with the arrival of summer

Model wearing red pyjama shorts
You are part of the women who like to wear pajamas to sleep ? Summer is coming, and pajamas, as comfortable as they are, might make you feel hot. Better to opt for a nightgown or shorts associated with a camisole for the hottest nights. Which pyjama shorts to choose? Which brand and which material? We present you different pieces, sometimes sexy, sometimes cosy. Follow the guide and swap your pajama pants for a night outfit more adapted to summer nights!

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Modal cotton shorts for comfort
model wearing a pair of coral pyjama shorts with foliage print in modal cotton-1
mannequin wearing a pair of modal cotton foliage printed coral pajama shorts-2
mannequin wearing a pair of coral pyjama shorts with foliage print in modal-3 cotton
The cotton shorts are an ideal piece of nightwear for sleeping in comfort. They come in an infinite number of designs: plain, patterned, graphic... Why not let yourself be tempted by the Tizina Sunrise coral shorts with foliage print? These women's pajamas can be worn with any type of top: camisole, tank top, sleeveless or long-sleeved t-shirt, crop-top, bra or bra... The possibilities are endless, the choice is yours! There are also more classic cotton shorts, in plain tones (beige, black, white, red, blue, gray, etc.) or nightwear with discreet graphics, such as thin stripes or small dots.

Silk shorts for sexy and refined nights
Model wearing a pyjama set and top from Aubade
Model wearing a negligee to go with a pair of pajama shorts by Aubade
You want to be sexy day and night? Choose silk shorts, undeniably glamorous and sophisticated. When it is plain, white or black for example, it goes perfectly with a light pajama top like a thin strapped top. If you prefer more original models, you can choose silk pajama shorts with patterns. The Aubade Toi Mon Amour Night print pajama shorts, midnight blue adorned with lace, are both sexy and comfortable. You can wear the shorts with a mismatched top or choose the pajama set, with thin strapless top and negligee.

Satin shorts for its soft and glamorous side
Model wearing the Lise Charmel Splendeur Marine collection pajamas
Model wearing navy colored pyjama shorts and tank top by Lise Charmel
Mannequin wearing a jacket over the Splendeur Marine pajama shorts by Lise Charmel
The satin shorts are ideal for hot summer nights. Thin and light, they are like a second skin. It is also a sexy and cosy piece. Thanks to its elasticated waist, it stays in place all night long and does not interfere with your movements while you sleep. The satin shorts can be plain, with fancy patterns, with embroidery and exist in different cuts. It is one of the most comfortable and popular pyjamas for women (who also love it in its version pyjama shorts combination).

A red and black short for its seductive side
Model wearing a red and black nightie from Lise Charmel
Model wearing a red and black sexy lingerie set by Lise Charmel
Model wearing a red and black pyjama short by Lise Charmel
The nightie is not the only nightwear to rhyme with seduction. The pyjama set with red and black shorts signed Simone Perèle is the proof. With its jacquard lace inserts, it reveals the curves while subtle. For a naughty evening, it can be worn with the wolf, the necklace or the garter from the same collection. It is the perfect compromise for women who want to be sexy at night without giving up their comfort. There are many other red and black shorts, designed in many different materials and designs.

Why not turn to the shorty?
Model wearing a nightie from the Antigel fresh tropic collection
Model wearing a shorty from the fresh tropic collection by Antigel
The night shorty is a piece more tight and low cut than the pyjama shorts. Sexy and casual, it can be worn with any type of top and exists in a multitude of models. Antigel's Tropic Ciel fresh shorts are summery and trendy. We like its fresh tones and patterns, but also its flattering and glamorous cut (moreover, there is a whole collection in the same tones: leggings, kimono, babydoll, skirt, high-waisted briefs, bra, bra...).

Two models wearing night lingerie sets from the brand Antigel by Lise Charmel
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