Opt for models you are comfortable in

Opt for models you are comfortable in

In the spirit of being comfortable, there are two distinct views on this issue. Comfortable is already being in tune with your outfit. Naughty lingerie, for example, can be open lingerie. And when we talk about open lingerie, it is open at the bra level, but more often at the thong level. Open lingerie allows you to have access to intimacy for a moment of love without even taking the time to undress. Are you uncomfortable with the idea of wearing lingerie that discovers so much about you? If you make that choice, you need to be sure that you feel comfortable in an outfit that is not insignificant.

It is important to remember that you wear lingerie for yourself first. Of course you may want to seduce and wear something that will please your partner. If you don't feel comfortable in an open panty, if you don't wear it casually with your partner, then you will get the opposite result than you expected. If your partner's fantasies are about open lingerie, but you're too uncomfortable to indulge in impromptu naughtiness, it won't help.

Being comfortable is also a question of fabric quality. Glamorous lingerie, you may wear it during the day, under your professional outfit. It takes comfort to feel attractive at any time of the day without being bothered. Imagine a bustier, you may simply wear it during a moment confined to two, looking for intimacy. It is also necessary to be comfortable to feel attractive, to move, to put yourself forward, to love.

This is why it is important to select a fabric that contains elastane. It is a relatively elastic material that is generally found in a proportion of 5 to 10% in lingerie. The presence of a material such as elastane or spandex in the fabric is therefore necessary to be able to move properly. It is also often necessary in order to succeed in perfecting the outfit. It is therefore important to make sure that there is some in the composition.

Indeed, when you choose an outfit whose purpose is to stick to the body to mold the shapes, the elastic fabric allows you to obtain this sheathing and seductive effect, while limiting the discomfort of an outfit that would be too tight. This elasticity is also particularly recommended when choosing an outfit such as bodystocking, or body tights. It is a lingerie that covers the entire body with a mesh mesh more or less wide and whose electricity allows it to stick to the body without any discomfort.