As you probably know, when it comes to bras, one of the first questions to ask yourself is "With or without underwire".

If you are the ultra-sensitive woman who can't stand anything on her skin, it's clear that you will most likely go for a bra without underwire.

In this case, we recommend that you look at the ANITA brand, a brand that will certainly please you during AND after your pregnancy because it is really specialized in a whole range of MATERNITY underwear.

With pregnancy briefs, nursing bras, girdles to support the belly. In short, very good products that are comfortable and durable. Super quality!

Anita pregnancy briefs

That said, during pregnancy, you will find bras without underwire, even outside the MATERNITY range that are ULTRA COMFORTABLE!

Bra without underwire ANITA Safina Comfort

If you really want something that is "second skin", invisible, seamless, light and 100% comfortable, then you absolutely must try Chantelle's V-Neck bra, their brand new REVOLUTIONARY product, everyone who tries it literally doesn't want to be without it.

Chantelle V-Neck Soft Stretch Bra

This famous series SOFT STRETCH, that's its little name, offers the bra but also all the underwear imaginable and in many different colors: briefs, thongs, shorties AND ... THE HIGH BRIEF whose success is equal if not greater than that of the bra.

Chantelle Soft Stretch High Brief

This panty was not designed specifically for pregnant women but it is so comfortable, light, stretchy and seamless that it is perfectly adapted to the big belly.

In short, a must try!

If you are part of those who want comfort BUT still want a real support of the chest (and they are part of the majority) then we recommend you a bra with shells MEMORY FORM or SPACER.

Memory Form bra Chantelle

Many brands offer this kind of shell CHANTELLE, SIMONE PERELE, FANTASIE (deep pockets), LOUISA BRACQ etc.. These are underwired bras with cups, but their particularity is that they are flexible and will adapt to the wearer's morphology. They will really mold to the shape of the body. This makes them obviously very comfortable while providing a real support and a beautiful curve of the chest. For a very natural look.

Another big advantage of these cups is that they will (as far as possible) adapt to the body as the pregnancy evolves and the body changes.

Of course, if you are one of those who go up 5 sizes in one pregnancy, this will not be valid for you. But in most cases, this is a bra that you will be able to keep throughout your pregnancy. Even afterwards, while your breasts regain their original size.

It's really an excellent compromise.

Last advantage, as they are not reserved for pregnant women, you can find them in many different prints according to the seasons! And not just in black, white and skin color. In short, the opportunity to stay pretty, even with a changing body.

If you are really ULTRA SENSITIVE, then maybe you should try 100% cotton underwear, soft, itch-free... The brand CALIDA offers many series of briefs, panties, bras and even bras with very high percentages of cotton for very sensitive skin.