We don't talk about it much during your pregnancy, but the few weeks after giving birth are not necessarily fun in terms of what happens to your body.

Of course, your baby is there, and he's demanding your attention, so it all seems like a small thing compared to what you have to deal with now.

But you'll find that everything will be much easier if you have what you need and if you've prepared yourself well.

After giving birth, you should know that you will have a lot of blood loss for the next 2 to 3 weeks while everything is healing and coming back into place.

It is therefore important to plan for underwear adapted to the large sanitary napkins that you will have to wear and to the stains that you may encounter.

In short, here again we recommend comfort and quality.

CALIDA and its series of ultra comfortable panties in 100% cotton will be ultra easy to wash and maintain. You won't regret them.

Calida briefs 100% COTTON

Once the first few weeks are over, your super soft stretch briefs will certainly do the trick while your belly is getting back into shape, and maybe your scars are closing up if you had a C-section. Here again COMFORT, COMFORT and COMFORT! You already don't sleep much, your body is working on recovering from this new crazy adventure that it has just lived. You have to preserve it as best as you can.

As for the tops, if you have chosen to breastfeed your baby, then it's a nursing bra that you need.

ANITA nursing bra

When it comes to nursing bras, we have chosen to work only with the brand ANITA.

They offer high quality bras that are extremely comfortable and practical. Most of them will be smooth and very simple, in black, white or skin. But it is also possible to find some a little more fancy, there is something for everyone.

ANITA nursing bra

Nursing bras are available with or without underwire. During the day, underwires offer perfect support and help relieve back pain while being very flexible to follow the body's movements. The non-underwired models are recommended at night for more comfort.

All nursing bras have detachable clips that allow you to open and close the cups easily with one hand so that the other hand can hold your baby.

And the opening is wide enough to allow comfortable contact between the two of you while feeding. This system also facilitates the placement of pads to prevent milk from being absorbed by your bra.

As for the straps, they are thick and some are equipped with foam to support the breasts without causing irritation to the shoulders. Here again, COMFORT is the key word!

ANITA nursing bra

You will need nursing bras as soon as you arrive at the maternity ward. You can buy them as early as the 8th month of pregnancy when your breasts start to become more painful because they provide good support without compressing the breasts.

Equipped with integrated stretchy cups, they will adapt to the variations in size during the end of your pregnancy and then to the rise of milk during breastfeeding. In addition, their cotton or microfiber material prevents irritation and inflammation of the nipple.

After several months, when the initial storm has passed, when your baby, your man and you have found your new equilibrium, when you have better nights, when things become a little easier... Then you'll probably notice that, after all the adventures your body has been through, it's not quite the same anymore. Your hips, your belly, your breasts... they have changed. Not necessarily worse... just different. Like I said, nothing will ever be the same again.

So at that point, it might be time to come back and see us... to get your breasts the new bra they deserve, adapted to their new size.