Lingerie: how to choose your stockings?

Sexier than tights, stockings allow you to stay warm all winter long while giving you the possibility to wear your most beautiful dresses and skirts. Stockings are sometimes disparaged by women because they slip or stick too much to the skin of the thighs. However, a stocking that fits perfectly on your legs will give you an unparalleled feeling of comfort. So once you've found your stocking model, you won't be able to do without it!

So what are the different types of lingerie stockings, should you choose fishnet stockings? Why choose tights instead of stockings?

The different types of lingerie stockings
Invisible, sexy, sober or shaping: there are many different types of stockings depending on what you are looking for. Stockings can be adapted to any occasion. If you want your stockings to protect you from the cold during the winter, you can for example adopt a woolen stocking model. However, if you want to show off your legs, choose a pair of nylon or lycra stockings.

There are also garter stockings, self-fastening stockings and knee-high stockings. Garter stockings are undoubtedly the sexiest! If you opt for hold ups, make sure you choose the right size and choose quality stockings that will stick to your thighs all day long.

You will also find different thicknesses of stockings depending on the season and the use you wish to make of them. The denier is the reference measurement to appreciate the thickness of your stockings. The sexiest stockings are often considered to be the thinnest, as they give a delicate glimpse of skin. Opaque stockings are also becoming increasingly popular for their ability to show off legs while keeping you warm.

Fishnet stockings: a lingerie classic
Stockings are available in many patterns and colors. However, fishnet stockings remain a great classic of lingerie. Fishnet stockings are no longer associated with vulgarity and can be worn on any occasion for their ability to enhance the curves of the legs. Attention, there are of course several sizes and shapes of fishnets. The thin fishnets are the most elegant and sophisticated. There are also different types of fishnet patterns, so it's up to you to adapt yours according to the style you want to give to your outfit.

The tights in lingerie
While stockings are often favored for their sexy and elegant side, tights are popular with women for their practicality and sophistication. Tights can easily replace stockings, especially if you opt for a shorter outfit that could show the demarcation between your skin and the stocking. In winter, tights are also perfect, since they protect the entire surface of the legs up to the belly.