Today I'm coming back to you to show you some articles that La Halle sent me for Valentine's Day. This year with my trip to Mexico, I didn't have time to concoct a selection of gift ideas for her and even less for him but the reception of this package allows me to offer you a small article about Valentine's Day. Personally, I'm not hyper fan of this holiday a little too commercial

That's why I have never found any interest in spending miles and cents for this occasion. In this article you will find a gift idea for her AND for him! Ahah simple: you wear beautiful lingerie after a romantic dinner: gift for him

Him: you offer a sexy lingerie set at a low price to your sweetheart: gift for her!
More seriously, the brand sent me a small package with some pieces of the collection specially released for Valentine's Day and I made some pictures of these pieces. I wasn't going to put everything on Insta so here is an article dedicated to them.
In all honesty, I have a huge crush on both bodies. I find them easy to wear. I find them sexy but not vulgar and above all of a very nice quality. For those who have the possibility, I invite you to go to the store to discover the quality yourself. I particularly love the bodysuit without shell with plunging neckline which is displayed at the price

Nevertheless, even if I'm generally less fan of shells, I must admit that I literally fell in love with this model with a mix of lace and plumetis with a nicely worked back at 29,99€. For the others, who like me, don't have a store close to their home and that you want to order, know that at the moment there is -30% on your favorite piece (until 14/02).
I also received a black kimono with lace yokes at 24,99€, very easy to wear out of bed everyday and a red set. Personally, I don't like this color mixed with black but if you are interested, this set is available here at 19,99€ for the top and 8,99€ for the bottom.