Generous chest seeks lingerie...
Having a strong bust is the dream of many women, but for those with a generous cleavage, it is not always a panacea. And yes, let's face it, we are eternally unsatisfied! Generous breasts can give rise to complexes or back problems. So how to choose your lingerie according to your morphology? That is not easy especially since we have too much tendency to succumb to impulse buying! Indeed a model on which you fall in love will not necessarily suit you.

First thing: no more bras without underwire! So sorry girls, but if you're into the extremely fashionable triangle shape these days, you'll have to do without it. Indeed, underwires are essential if you have a generous bust, they provide the necessary support and hold the breasts up.

Second thing: Make sure that the back band of the bra is as wide as possible. So forget about those that only close with one hook, you need at least two, always for a good support, which is essential to avoid back pain.

Third thing: Adjust your shoulder straps well, again, very very thin straps or no straps at all are to be avoided if you have a generous bust.
Last little thing: even if you can afford many different shapes, prefer balconies or baskets, they will emphasize your generous breasts and will raise your breasts without making the effect of a push-up.

And because at Lemon Curve, we love to please all women, all body shapes and all sizes, find a wide selection of lingerie large sizes with specialized brands such as Prima Donna, Curvy Kate or the brand of lingerie without complex.

And for large breasts, find the lingerie trick to have in your wardrobe: the minimizer bra or minimizer bra of which the lingerie brands Simone Pérèle and Wacoal are the experts!