The anguish of the blank page...
Every year, it's the same thing. The search for Christmas gifts is vaguely similar to the anguish of the blank page: you arrive in the mall, and you don't know where to start. There are too many colors, too many shapes, too many prices, too many people, too much noise. Too much of everything. In those moments, you stand paralyzed in the middle of the aisle wondering what to do.

When you want to make a gift, if there is one thing that always pleases a woman, it is the pretty lingerie. But you still need to know which brand to choose?

Passionata is a brand of lingerie both girly and sexy where every woman who wants to feel feminine in comfortable underwear can find her happiness.

The Passionista doesn't really have an age. She is just a modern and fulfilled woman. To feel even better about herself, she likes to wear lingerie that is both naughty and tangy, in which she feels comfortable and which enhances her body. Mischievous, she likes to play and she enjoys life to the full. Nothing stops her and she is ready to face any challenge that comes her way.

This is how the brand was imagined when it was launched in 1988 by the Chantelle group, leader in the French lingerie market. The brand contrasts with the fashion of the time: indeed, in the 1990s, women were looking for smooth and discreet models, rather in nude colors. Passionata is thus singular by offering a colorful, young and fresh lingerie.

This is what Passionata's muse, the beautiful Valerie Van Der Graaf, embodies. This young Dutchwoman with feminine curves breathes the joy of life with her mutinous air and her childish blond. The young woman manages her modeling career with an iron fist and she knows perfectly what she wants. A true Passionista!

You will have understood it, by choosing a model of the brand of Passionata lingerie, you cannot be mistaken and to choose a Christmas gift for your sweetheart will be a true pleasure. We have selected for you a few key lines to guide you.

There is a Passionata line for every woman!
Passionata Adorable

The Adorable line is one of our favorites. The line already existed in black, but we present it here in a beautiful seasonal color: red. This beautiful color, that the brand decided to name poppy in homage to the fresh and country flower, has the pleasant property to highlight all the complexions: impossible to make a false step therefore! The models combine in a very clever way two different types of lace: one is floral and light, the other is more modern using geometric patterns. These models alone bring together all the principles that the Passionata lingerie brand advocates. You can find several types of models: first of all, there is the basket bra which emphasizes the roundness of your breasts and whose soft and comfortable lace makes you dream! You will also be able to find a choice between a shorty and a thong, because we know that it is sometimes difficult to know between the shorty or the thong which is the sexiest!

Passionata Lovely Passio

To continue on the special holiday lines, we have also selected for you the charming line Lovely Passio in the color with the evocative name: Love. This line beautifully combines a beige microfiber mesh printed with small pink polka dots, ivory and very feminine lace, and details and small bows in red satin. This line is just as graphic and feminine as the previous one we presented. It will be perfect for women children and dreamers who can enjoy the comfort and femininity of the models in this line. You will find a push-up bra with spaghetti straps that bring originality to the model; a push-up bra for women looking for a very good support; a very sexy tanga with red satin bias; and a shorty, a new piece of sexy lingerie that women are looking for.

Passionata White Nights

For all the women who love exoticism, we offer you the White Nights line in Aerobic. This line has been available for several seasons by the brand that always offers it in new colors, and one thing is sure, it seduces every time! With its transparent tulle that lets the skin reveal itself and its Italian embroidery with a floral pattern and oriental curves that seem to land directly on the skin, whoever lays eyes on this line is transported in an ocean of softness and refinement to the Orient. The aerobic color scheme here mixes a soft pink that will suit all skin tones, with a pespy orange that stands out very well.