How to wear the bodysuit properly?

How to wear the bodysuit properly?

The lace bodysuit has the particularity to be both a lingerie accessory, but also a full-fledged garment that you can wear during the day. Worn with a skirt or pants, the lace body hugs your curves impeccably for an ultra sexy. The body string will be forgotten under pants and will not reveal any unsightly seam. Small bust ?

Go for the high-fashion lace bodysuit with or without bows. Generous bust ? Avoid the XXL neckline and opt for a rounded shape instead.

The naughty element of your wardrobe

In lingerie, the lace bodysuit is as erotic as it is comfortable. It can be as well covering as reduced to its simplest expression!

The lace body adapts to all morphologies. Whether you are big or small, small or pulpy, you will find a body to your measure. Red, black, white, glittering, open, the body is found in a wide variety of shapes and materials. The lace allows you to play with transparency.

Always chic, this sensual and inimitable material reveals you while preserving your modesty. If your legs are short and chubby, preferably choose a body very indented which will give the illusion of endless legs. If your legs are long, any shape will suit you!