How to wear the bodysuit properly?

How to wear the bodysuit properly?

The most important when choosing your body is not to have a favorite for a cut, a material, a color or even for a model emblematic of a brand. No, the bodysuit is not an easy piece to approach, it must be perfect and adapted to your silhouette. No need to accumulate bodysuits in your wardrobe, the best is to have few but well cut pieces.

Because yes, the bodysuit is sexy, it will highlight your curves and will be worn underneath while being suggested above. But beware, there are several types of bodysuits and therefore several functions.

Let me explain, there are according to me two categories of bodysuits:

the body lingerie: it is most often transparent, made of lace and can have an integrated bra. It is worn as lingerie under your clothes. Buy it in ivory, powder pink, burgundy or black.

the bodysuit top: it is a real tank top or top, short sleeves, long sleeves or three-quarter length. It is available in materials such as jersey and can be from the strictest to the sexiest. It will be perfect in black, emerald green, red or navy blue.
Both are shaped like a one-piece swimsuit, but they are not worn in the same way as you might think!

Choose your body according to your silhouette
If you have read my article how to dress to fit your figure, you will know that some shapes are more flattering on some silhouettes than others. Good news, the bodysuit fits all silhouettes, you just have to focus on the right fit and the right material for yours.

As far as body lingerie is concerned :
-Opt for a simple triangle shape and spaghetti straps if you have an I or H silhouette.

For the body-top :
-if you have an A, I or H silhouette, you can afford large plunging necklines on the bust or back, glittery, glittery or even transparent materials to attract the eye to the top of your body.